120 SMD LED Solar Powered Security Light in White – Waterproof and comes with Built-in PIR Motion and Night Sensor – Lamp for Outdoor, Garden, Fence, Patio, Yard, Walkway, Driveway, Stairs, Outside, Wall, Garage, Shed, Path by SPV Lights: The Solar Lights & Solar Lighting Specialists (Free 2 Year Warranty)

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One of our most powerful solar security lights, the 120 LED Solar Security Light offers superior illumination for enhanced safety and security on your property.

With the combined illumination of 120 SMD LED bulbs, this light is a practical and versatile choice that offers lots of benefits. If you’re looking for a light to deter intruders, it’s an ideal choice as the light will activate as soon as movement is detected.

It’s also the perfect way to light the entrance to your property when you need extra brightness on dark evenings. By lighting paths, entrances and gateways, you’ll be able to reach your door safely and confidently – no more fumbling in the dark for keys. With its highly sensitive motion detection unit, the light will come on as soon as it senses movement nearby.

With this light, you’re completely in control as it has a selection of features that make the light easy to customise to your own needs. You can adjust the time, distance and brightness settings using the easy-to-use dials on the motion detection unit. This allows you to choose how long the light stays on when activated. It also lets you decide the distance at which the light will be activated and the brightness of the light.

An on/off switch is easily accessible so even when the light is mounted, you can control whether the light is on or off – or you can set it to come on only when motion is sensed.

Because every property is different, we’ve designed this light so that the motion detector unit can be easily rotated through a wide range of angles. This allows you to angle it in whichever direction is most practical for your particular property. For example, you could choose for the light to activate when approaching the property down a path – or you could opt for it to activate from a different direction, such as across a lawn.


  • LET THE SUN HELP YOU CUT DOWN ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILLS! Sick and tired of paying hundreds of pounds on electricity every single month? Want to make sure that your outdoor space is perfectly illuminated for a fraction of the cost? The SPV Lights 120 SMD LED solar powered security light is here to help you save money and make your garden safer!
  • THE ADVANCED SOLAR ULTRA TECHNOLOGY WILL ENSURE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE so that just one 120 SMD LEDs solar security light can illuminate your garden, patio or any outdoor space perfectly. Our LED outdoor light features innovative Solar Ultra technology which will charge faster using solar power and offer you optimum performance all-year round! The separate solar panel has 5 times more surface area than single unit solar lights, which means faster charging and more energy for longer!
  • INSTALL IT YOURSELF IN SECONDS WITHOUT CALLING COSTLY PROFESSIONALS! Our mission is to help you cut down on costs without compromising on quality and performance. That’s exactly why you can effortlessly install our LED outdoor safety lamp yourself even if you have zero experience. No need for tools or expensive professionals anymore! Do it yourself in seconds!
  • CAN ENDURE ANY ABUSE FROM THE UK’S UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER! What makes our 120 SMD LED light ideal for you is that it was specifically designed for the United Kingdom’s climate. Whether you live in Hampshire, Dorset or Bristol, the SPV Lights weatherproof, waterproof and wind-resistant outdoor security light will get the job done with flying colours!
  • ADJUST IT TO YOUR EXACT NEEDS & ENJOY A 100% RISK-FREE EXPERIENCE! Our SMD security lamp comes with a built-in PIR motion and night detector with an adjustable 4m-12m range, an adjustable Lux daylight to darkness setting and an adjustable 5sec – 2min time controller for maximum convenience. Plus it’s backed by our elite 2-Year Warranty!

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