Tepro 1066 Vista Charcoal Funnel BBQ

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About this item

  • Quick to heat to cooking temperature thanks to chimney effect
  • Long product life, as manufactured from stainless steel
  • Easy to clean thanks to the ash container
  • Highly enjoyable BBQ experience thanks to simple operation

Product description

The Vista Pedestal BBQ Grill has a quality stainless steel construction. The clean lines give it a sleek, modern feel. The Pedestal design has many advantages: -A removable ash collector located in the base of the pedestal aids cleaning; -An adjustable slide vent, situated below the charcoal allows the air flow to be adjusted so the fuel burns faster. This is ideal when lighting the BBQ and as soon as food is placed on the grill, the air flow can be reduced to conserve fuel without compromising on a smoky charcoal flavour; -The working height is higher than that of most grills, between 84 and 90.5cm; -The high temperatures the grill is capable of due to the air flow is perfect for searing food and creating crispy BBQ dishes; -A sturdy, level base provides a stable platform for the BBQ. This BBQ Grill has capacity for up to 3.2kg charcoal, so you do not have to keep topping up the fuel. The stainless steel cooking grid has two wooden handles and provides a 46.8 x 45.8cm cooking area. The height of the cooking grid can be adjusted via the three-level rack built into the windshield so you can control the cooking temperature, moving the grid closer to the coals for more heat or further away for less heat. Enjoy creating tasty BBQ dishes for family and friends on this easy to use pedestal charcoal grill. Some assembly is required – full instructions are contained within the supplied manual. Weight: 8.6kg

Dimensions: 61.49 x 48.01 x 90.5 cm; 8.8 Kilograms
Model: 1066
Part: 1066
Manufacture: Tepro