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WORX WR141E M500 Landroid Robotic Mower 500m2

RRP PRICE: £699.99
SALE PRICE: £579.99
YOU SAVE: £120.00

About this item

  • You only pay for the size you need. This model is designed for large gardens up to 500m2, and has a floating deck to deal with an undulating surface so it’s the perfect choice for more uneven lawns.
  • Everything you need comes in the box, the mower has all the cables, wire and pegs you need for your size of lawn.
  • The mower is plug and play. You don’t need to change settings if you don’t want to, it is pre-programmed with a schedule that suits your size of lawn but can be easily adjusted on the machine or via the App on your phone, from anywhere.
  • Agile and smarter due to intelligent AIA technology, the turning pattern means it cuts your lawn 30% faster than other robot mowers, and doesn’t wear the edges of your lawn like others do with their continual reversing.
  • All the cutting height adjustments you need for all grass conditions from 20-50mm for a neat and tidy lawn. Cutting width 180mm.

Product description

Style Name:WR141E 500m2

The all new WORX LANDROID M WR141E robotic lawn mower is perfect for medium sized gardens up to 500m2. With Smart Auto scheduling and intelligent navigation, it is faster and more agile than other robot mowers. The WR142E comes with Cut to Edge which gets as close as possible to the border of your lawn. LANDROID is safe, quiet and comes with a battery that fits any WORX 20V cordless tool. The first fully customizable robot mower on the market. You can also build your perfect LANDROID with five unique accessories (sold separately) that fit your unique needs.

Weight: 17 kg
Size: WR141E 500m2
Dimensions: 53.8 x 66.5 x 28.1 cm; 17 Kilograms
Model: WR141E
Part: WR141E
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: WORX
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1
Size: WR141E 500m2

From the manufacturer

worx, landroid, wr141e

WORX WR141E M500 Landroid Robotic Mower 500m²

The all new WORX Landroid automatically knows what's best for your lawn every day. It adapts to the size and shape of your lawn and growth rate of your grass.

worx, landroid

worx, landroid

worx, landroid

Build your perfect Landroid

You can fully customise your WORX Landroid with five unique add-on modules (sold separately). These will ensure that the WORX robotic mower meets your individual needs.

Optional modules include:

  • Anti Collison System (ACS)
  • Voice Control
  • Find My Landroid (GPS Tracker)
  • Off Limits
  • Radio Link

The most agile and efficient

The WORX Landroid is the first robotic mower with intelligent navigation. Unlike others that are blind, Landroid always knows where to go. This is why it takes a much shorter time to mow your lawn and easily goes through narrow passages.

Don’t let other robot mowers wear your grass with repetitive roaming and unneeded back-and-forth manoeuvres at the borders. Landroid navigates your lawn with confidence thanks to its unique AIA technology. Landroid makes intelligent turns each time it reaches the border of your lawn.

The sound of silence

Petrol-powered mowers can get as loud as 100dB and require ear protection. Such noise propagates as far as 1km, making summer days hell. WORX Landroid is so quiet you can operate it during the night so you can enjoy your garden during the day.

wr141e, worx, landroid

WORX WR141E M500 Landroid Robotic Mower 500m²

The all new WORX Landroid – it’s more than a new robot mower. It’s a new era

The Landroid intelligent robot mower is all new. Smarter. Better than ever. The WORX Landroid automatically knows what’s best for your lawn every day. It adapts to the size and shape of your lawn and growth rate of your grass. It learns continuously from our fleet of thousands of connected robot mowers and regularly updates itself. It’s agile, safe, accurate and packed with customisable features.

Even better, it’s completely configurable so you can build your perfect Landroid

Supercharge your Landroid with five unique options which you can add to each new model. Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

The most agile and efficient robot mower in the market, with intelligent navigation for faster coverage. The AIA technology makes Landroid mow your lawn much more efficiently than conventional robotic lawn mowers. It easily goes through narrow passages where others can’t.

Landroid manicures your lawn to give you your best lawn ever

Its daily mowing will promote the density of your grass and prevent propagation of weeds.

The new Landroid app means your lawn at your fingertips. The new app is an integral part of the WORX Landroid system. Not only does it give you key information, it’s also packed with features that maximise performance and convenience. Download the free app now and experience Landroid before even buying it.

  • Perfect for gardens up to 500m2
  • Intelligent. Smart Auto Scheduling
  • AIA technology. Agile and faster than others
  • Cut to Edge for a better finish at the edge of your lawn
  • Configurable to your needs. Choose from five unique options
  • Worx PowerShare. Landroid can share its battery with all Worx 20V cordless tools.
  • Cutting Height 30-60mm. Cutting Width 180mm

Technical Specifications

  • Battery voltage: 20V Max/ 2.0 Ah Li-lon
  • Charger: 1500mA
  • Recommend lawn size: 500 m2
  • Cutting width: 18cm
  • Cutting height: 3-6cm / 4 positions
  • Max. incline: 20° (35%)

worx, landroid, powershare

worx, landroid

worx, landroid

worx, landroid

Landroid’s battery sets you free

The WORX WR141E Landroid is equipped with a long life, high performance battery that fits any WORX 20V cordless tool. Stop messing with batteries you forgot to charge. Simply borrow the battery from your Landroid, snap it into the tool you need, and you’re right on the next project.

The versatile family of WORX cordless tools lets you tackle every job with the same battery. WORX cordless tools are available without battery and charger. Do more, spend less.

Stealth charging station

Virtually invisible, the parking lot of the new WORX Landroid is sleek and stylish. With other robotic mowers, the messiest part is the charging station, surrounded by uncut grass. The WORX Landroid has a grid that allows grass to grow through it, which Landroid then cuts for a tidy finish.

Landroid knows what’s best for your lawn

Why should you struggle to figure out the right scheduling for your robotic mower? The WORX Landroid programmes itself, learns about your lawn and builds the perfect schedule for it. With cloud computing, it continuously fine-tunes mowing cycles to the actual growth rate of your grass. No settings. No programming. No guess work.

Unique cutting edge function

Most mowing robots leave a large strip of uncut grass at the edge of your lawn. The WORX WR141E Landroid has been designed with off-set blades allowing your robotic mower to cut right up to the edge.

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