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MUDEELA 2 Pack Indoor Plant Stands, 2 Tier Tall (76cm) Mid Century Modern Wood Plant Holder, Flower Potted Holder Rack, Adjustable Width 20cm to 30cm(Pot & Plant Not Included), Brown

RRP PRICE: £39.99
SALE PRICE: £33.99
YOU SAVE: £6.00

  • 【Economical and Affordable 2 Pack Set】You’ll get 2 pack mid century modern plant stands that can meet a multitude of your decorating needs. Made of premium bamboo and wood, our plant stand can withstand indoor use on a daily basis for years
  • 【2 Use Methods: 2 Pack or 2 Tier】You can use the 2 plant stands alone, or use pins to connect the 2 pieces to achieve a 2-tier plant stand. 2-Tier(76cm in Height) will raise your favorite plants in a higher place, presenting a more vigorous and hierarchical look
  • 【Adjustable Width】Our bamboo wood plant stand are adjustable from 20cm to 30cm in width. It fits pots in size of 20cm, 23cm, 25cm, 28cm, 30cm, allowing you to place plant pots of different sizes on the upper and lower tier. Note: pot and plant are not included(refer to the last picture for the package contents)
  • 【Awesome Addition to Room Decor】The bamboo with simple texture and beautiful color could blend well with your furniture style. The mid-century modern style will improve the decor of your living room, dining room, bedroom, office, balcony and more
  • 【Easy to Assemble】No extra complicated tools needed and easy to assemble. Just slot the 2 solid bamboo pieces together and tighten with screws to make the plant stand firmer; or if you want a 2-tier plant stand, use the pins(package included) to connect the 2 plant stands to one in 2 minutes
Dimensions: 41.4 x 28.2 x 12.3 cm; 1.88 Kilograms
Manufacture: MUDEELA

Product Description

plant stands

Nooks filled with fresh soil, foliage, and beautiful petals can breathe life back into your home and refresh the rooms. Plants already do a pretty good job of sprucing up our homes, but you’re ready to take it to the next level. Upgrade your favorite potted plant with a handcrafted bamboo plant stand that’s sure to transform your space.

Product Details:

· Include: 2 Pack Mid Century Modern Plant Stands

· Special: 2-Tier Use Method

· Style: Mid Century Modern

· Material: Bamboo wood

· Color: Brown

· Size: 38cm in height, adjustable 20cm – 30cm in width, fits pots up to 30cm in size

· Multiple Uses: Awesome addition to your house, living room, bedroom, dining room, office, balcony and more

plant stand

Special 2 Tier Use Method

The ultimate choice to transform your lifeless room into something stunningly tasteful! You can display a single use to keep the corner neat and chic, or use it as 2 tier plant stand to present a more vigorous and more hierarchical look.

2 Individual or a 2 tier use method based on your needs

Under Two Methods

plant stands

plant stands

plant stands

Use for 2 individual plants

Use pins to connect tier 1 and 2 together

Use as 2 tier plant stand

Adjustable Width (20cm to 30cm)

plant stands

plant stands

plant stands

Minimum width is 20cm

Lengthen or shorten to adjust the width

Maximum width is 30cm

Easy to Assemble

plant stands

plant stands

plant stands

plant stands


Take out two parts of the plant stand

Step 2

Connect the two parts together

Step 3

Tighten with screw to make the plant stand firmer

Step 4

Put in a flower pot(up to 30cm)

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    Innova Dog Comfort® (IDC) Products from JULIUS-K9® stand for quality, security and modern design. The carefully designed ergonomic structure of the Power Harness puts it ahead of the pack: Whilst other harnesses often cause an uneven pull on your dog’s neck, the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness rests on the dog’s chest and distributes forces evenly across the dog’s chest and ribcage. The even force distribution makes the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness the ideal harness, even for high-impact activities like sports, walking over rough terrain or for using with working dogs. The lining of this robust, quality harness is made from Ökotex, a breathable and skin-friendly fabric. The chest and tummy straps can be continuously adjusted, allowing the harness to be fitted to your dog’s exact shape. The heavy-duty buckle has been crash tested for durability and the reflective chest strap and seams provide added safety. The back of the harness features a stainless steel ring for attaching the lead, and is placed to ensure that your dog finds walks on the lead much more comfortable than with a conventional collar. There is also a back handle grip (except in sizes Baby 1 2), to allow you to lift or hold the dog for a short time. The harness has a label patch on each side where you can fit reflective slogans with Velcro. Julius K9 Logos are fitted as standard, but you can replace them with other logos to suit your taste and style. JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness – Camouflage at a glance: High quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs Ergonomic design: The special shape distributes pulling forces evenly across the chest, rather than tugging on the dog’s neck Ökotex lining: Breathable and skin friendly material, developed according to strict ecological and chemical guidelines Reflective chest strap and edging: For higher visibility and security Durable material: scratch-resistant, robust and water-repellent Unbreakable buckles: with a proven strength of up to 350kg Additional side buckles: for attaching side bags (only Sizes 0 to 2, bags not included) Guaranteed perfect fit: adjustable along the chest and waist Breathable and skin-friendly Reflective JULIUS-K9® lettering on the side O-ring for attaching leads 2 tabs for attaching safety lights (only Sizes 0 to 2, lights not included) Harness type: saddle harness Material: Outer material: 100% Polyester Lining: ÖKO-TEX® certified O-Ring: Stainless steel Colour: camouflage Closure type: click fastening Closure material: plastic Size Guide for JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness: Size Chest circumference Dog's weight Handle Handle fixing Dimensions Logo Velcro Label (L x W) Mini-Mini 40 - 53cm 4 – 7kg yes no 11 x 3 cm Mini 49 - 67cm 7 – 15kg yes no 11 x 3 cm Size 0 58 - 76cm 14 – 25kg yes yes with popper fastening 11 x 3 cm Size 1 63 - 85cm 23 – 30kg yes yes with popper fastening 16 x 5 cm Size 2 71 - 96cm 28 – 40kg yes yes with popper fastening 16 x 5 cm Size 3 82 - 115cm 40 – 70kg yes yes...
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