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GFTIME 15.3 Inch 7636 Flavorizer Bars for Weber Spirit 300 Series, Spirit E310 S310 E320 S320 E330 S330 Gas Grills with Front Mounted Control Panels, Replaces for Weber 7636 Heat Plates Grill Parts

SALE PRICE: £36.99
YOU SAVE: £9.00

  • ✔ Fit Models: 7636 flavorizer bars fit Spirit 300 series gas grills (with front-mounted control panels). ► Weber 2013 Models (with Up Front control panels): E-310 46510001, E-310 47510001, E-320 46710001, Spirit S-310 46500401, Spirit S-320 46700401, Spirit S-320 47700401; ► Weber 2014 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-310 46513101, E-310 47513101; ► Weber 2015 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-330 46810001, Spirit S-330 46800401, Spirit S-330 47800401
  • ✔ Dimension & Material & Package: Each heat tent measures 38.9 x 6.6 x 6.35 CM. Set of 5 porcelain enamel grill heat plates
  • ✔ Function: Stronger thermal conductivity, stronger, durable and bring a good experience for your grilling
  • ✔ Double-Check: Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order. Cooks better, Lasts longer, Extend the life of your grill, Exact-fit parts
  • ✔ Note: If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. The faster, the better

Product Description

GFTIME 7636 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bar


5 x Porcelain-Enameled Flavor Bars




Fits Weber: 46510001 47513101 47510001 46710001 46513101 46810001 46500401 46700401 47700401 46800401 47800401


  • Make Your Own Delicious BBQ With GFTIME Gas Grill Repair Kit.
  • Perfect BBQ Time After Time.
  • Achieves The High Temperatures and Smoky Flavor of Professional.
  • Gourmet BBQ in an Instant.

Heat Food Evenly

Bbq heat plate evenly distribute that heat. To protect the burner from direct droppings of fat, debris.

Enhance Flavor

Make the dripping sauce vaporize and be absorbed by the food to enhance the flavor

Well Package

Protect the edge of the flavorizer bar in transit to aviod Chips

L 38.9 x W 6.6 x H 6.3 CM/44.5 CM x 30.2 CM for each
5x Stainless Steel Flavor Bars3 main burners and 1 smaller crossover burner2x Cast Iron Grates
SKU: B0753F2B4R
Dimensions: 44.2 x 14.22 x 12.45 cm; 2.5 Kilograms
Manufacture: GFTIME

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