Assemblemat®-12mm Interlocking Gymnastic Mats for–Yoga–Exercise-Garage- Floor Protection-Playroom–Anti Fatigue–EVA Foam-Rubber–Best Black Leafage Pattern-1 Pack = 6 mats

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About this item

  • Black colour, water resistant, easy to clean & Sanitise, super light, strong and durable,One set = 6 pieces, each mat measures 60cm X 60cm with a thickness of 1.2cm, total flooring being 120cm x 180cm or roughly 24sq ft (imperial)
  • Great for use in Garages as floor protection as well as prevents fatigue by absorbing the shock associated with working on hard surfaces like concrete. Great in gyms to place equipment on and also around wash up areas to prevent slipping
  • Easy to assemble with interlocking grooves, straight edges for a clean looking finish are included
  • Soft EVA foam, pleasurable to walk or stand on for long periods of time
  • Mats can be easily cut and trimmed, purchase multiple packs or sets to join together for larger areas as each tile interlocks with another.

Product description

Assemblemat EVA Foam Rubber interlocking Floor Mats with edging strips have a wide range of uses for both the work place and home. For a business where employees stand a lot, they can be used for lining the floor to avoid fatigue associated with hard floors. They also provide noise reduction as well as give a professional look and feel to any business where one would invite customers into a working area ie: a Mechanics garage or gym. They also protect wooden floors by providing cushioning from sharp objects such as high heel shoes or damage from heavy equipment. Around the home, they are easy to clean and can be used in kids bedrooms or playrooms, Dad’s cave or Mum’s personal exercise area. Utility rooms, games rooms, home gyms would definitely benefit from these mats. They are perfect for going under or around the edges of trampolines, children’s swing sets, slides, climbing frames and more. From a safety perspective these are great for softening any accidental drops, trips or falls! Assemblemats are practical, cost effective and transportable. Mats can be easily cut and trimmed or multiple sets can be joined to cover larger areas. One set consists of 6 pieces, each mat measures 60cm X 60cm with a thickness of 1,2cm, total flooring being 120cm x 180cm (or 24sq ft rough estimate) when configured in a rectangle. They can be taken apart and put together quickly and easily.These mats are water resistant so ideal for camping, glamping, picnics etc.Disclaimer: We have displayed these mats in a rectangular configuration with the measurements displaying (imperial) 4ft x 6ft, as these mats are metric these measurements have been rounded off to the nearest 10. .We also advise against laying the matting on uneven surfaces as this will result in “lifting” amongst the joins. Repetitive dropping of disc weights over 15kg’s on the same area will eventually “pinch” and damage your mats.

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 1.2 cm; 1 Kilograms
Model: ASMT6/B/1.2
Batteries Required: No