1000 Natural Eco Wood Firelighters – Wood Wool Flame Fire Starters Great for Lighting Fires in Stoves, BBQ’s, Pizza Ovens & Smokers, Safe Charcoal Starter for Lighting A Charcoal Barbecue

1000 Natural Eco Wood Firelighters - Wood Wool Flame Fire Starters Great for Lighting Fires in Stoves

RRP PRICE: £69.99
SALE PRICE: £54.00
YOU SAVE: £15.99

  • ✅ 1000 Natural Firelighters: Each box contains 1000 Natural Firelighter – Only 1 Flame Fire Starter is required for starting a fire when used with kindling. Great Trade business purchase.
  • ✅ Great Eco fire lighters. So easy to light and keeps burning for long time. Lights kindling and coal so easy and effectively both open fire and multi fuel burner. Flame for Up to 10 Minutes, perfect for use with kindling for open fires and stoves
  • ✅ Eco friendly firelighters made from Wood Wool & Wax. They have no smell to them and light fast and for ages. Perfect for anyone cooking with wood
  • ✅ Firelighters for wood burners, fireplaces & bbq’s or camping fire. Very easy to use, light your kindling and firewood quickly, will get a fire started instantly.
  • ✅ Easy to light eco firelighters keep burning for 10mins, enough to get fire going. Better than traditional firelighters but Eco, if using kiln dried logs can use with out kindling if using 3 pieces.
Dimensions: 46.8 x 32.56 x 32 cm; 9.1 Kilograms
Manufacture: Log-Barn

Product Description

Log Delivery, Delivering Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, Silver Birch, Ash, Oak, Olive Nets of Firewood

Natural Firelighters – Log-Barn, our easy to light natural firelighters made from untreated wood wool, the firelighters are coated in a natural wax which allows each firelighter to burn for up to 10 minutes.

These are very easy to use and are odourless, so are the best firelighters for outside cooking using pizza ovens and fire pits.

Natural wood wool firelighters flamers fire starters lighters


  • Place the firelighters on kindling and light the firelighter, they light quickly so do not hold the firelighters whilst on fire.
  • Once the whole firelighter is lit, add more kindling on top to capture the flames.
  • You should only need 1 to light your fire.

Firelighters for coal wood charcoal bbq fireplace stove

Suitable for all fires

The firelighters are good for starting briquette or charcoal fires and often will get a fire going without the need of kindling.

Light your Ash logs with kiln dried kindling and some natural firelighters, The perfect Eco Fire

Used in Commercial Restaurants

HACCP: Suitable for commercial kitchens and pizza trucks. Designed to heat pizza fornos quickly and efficiently

8% Moisture Content:100% Beech, Maximum 8% Moisture Content, Made from recycled wood flour, saving landfill waste, which is good for the environment while being very efficient.

Various Size Boxes

firelighters 40 box 200 500 1000 piece flamers

Great for burning in an open fire

Log pile, log store, firewood, open fire fuel.

Great Value

Our natural firelighters are available in packs of 40, 200, 500, 1000 piece boxes.

Please remember to recycle the boxes after use.

Great for starting an Open Fire

Log-Barn Firelighters are good for quick fires on those cold winter nights!

Stock up on logs ready for a cold winter

Winter is on its way. It's time to order your logs supply. Store your wood in a dry location that has good airflow so that it is ready to burn when you need it.

Fsc Forestry, Lumberjack, Firewood source.

FCS Certified Wood

All our Firewood comes from FSC Sustainable sources.

Three quarters of UK citizens believe it is important for the products they purchase to have been responsibly sourced (TNS 2018).

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