Relaxdays Curvy 3 Rails, Size: 85 x 66 x 20 cm Free Rack Towel Holder Made of Metal in Stainless Steel Look as Bathroom Stand, Silver, 20 x 66 x 85 cm




Often there isn’t enough space in the bathroom to properly dry towels, and many use wall-mounted towel holders as a solution. However not everyone wants to or is able to drill holes in the walls. That’s where this lovely, no-drill towel rack from the CURVY collection comes in! The large, semi-circle base holds the towel rails securely and can be placed anywhere you like.

The 3 towel rails provide ample space for hanging up hand towels or small bath towels. The staggered bars allow air to better circulate, causing towels to dry faster and prevent them from developing strange odours. The rack can also be used as a valet stand in the bathroom or as a clothes butler in the bedroom. The elegant looking stand looks fantastic in any modern environment.

Details on the CURVY Towel Stand
• Total size: approx 85 x 66 x 20 cm (33.5 x 26 x 7.9 in)
• Length of rails: approx 50, 45 and 40 cm (19.7, 17.7 and 15.7 in)
• Height of rails: approx 85, 72 and 57 cm (33.5 x 28.3 x 22.4 in)
• Weight: approx 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
• Material: Metal in a stainless steel look

Timeless Towel Holder
• Outer surface made of chromed, shiny metal 
• With 3 towel rails at varying heights
• Can also be used as a clothes butler
• Functional and practical

Included in Delivery
• Towel holder in parts
• Assembly materials
• Instructions
• Decorative items shown in product pictures are not included


  • Free-standing towel holder with 3 towel rails to save space while drying hand towels and small bath towels – Also ideal as a clothes stand in the bedroom
  • Functional – The staggered bars are optimal for air circulation – Your things will dry faster without developing strange odours
  • Free-standing made of chromed, shiny metal in a stainless steel look – The modern and elegant design looks great in any bathroom
  • Sturdy stand – The base prevents the rack from tipping over – No drilling required
  • Quick and easy assembly with the included assembly instructions and materials – Total size: approx 85 x 66 x 20 cm – length of rails: approx 50, 45 and 40 cm – Height of rails: approx 85, 72 and 57 cm