[Newest Version]12 Options Alarms Clock, Level 5 Auto Dimmable Display – Memory Loss Day Clock Digital Calendar Day Clock, Extra Large Non-Abbreviated Day & Month Digital Clock

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How To Set Time Mode ?
MENU—Time Mode—24/12hours
How To Set 12 Alarm Options ?
MENU—Alarm Status—Add Time—Timer 1(Timer 1—Timer 12)—Set Time—Tag
How To Set Brightness ?
MENU—Brightness— Level 5/4/3/2/1
How To Set Morning ,Afternoon, Evening, Night ?
MENU—Advanced Mode—On
How to turn off the alarm?
MENU—Alarm Status—Timer (1–12)—Start Timer—Off . Then Press OK to confirm

The clearest, easiest-to-read day clock available.
The Day Clock is a state-of-the-art clock featuring a large, clear display that can be hung on a wall (using its rear mount hole), or stood on a table, nightstand, shelf or desk . It’s great for the home, office, lab and classroom, and especially for seniors and those who benefit from seeing the time and date spelled out and free from abbreviations. Incredibly easy to set up and use. Give the gift of confidence and happiness – buy an CLOCK for your loved ones today!

Unmatched Visibility & Contrast
Extra-large, crystal-clear white digits shine bright and sharp against our clock’s deep-black display. This delivers unmatched contrast and clarity for remarkable visibility .

Made with Memory Loss in Mind
Advancing age, dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s leave millions of Americans to struggle with memory loss and difficulty processing abbreviated words. To make life easier, our clock features non-abbreviated weekday, month and date names.

Best-in-Class Viewing Angle
The clock’s high-quality display features a glare-free finish so you enjoy the most exceptional legibility from very viewing angle. This is particularly attractive for office and classroom use, where clocks are often positioned higher up the wall

Alarm Options

Package includes:
1 x 8″ day Clock
1x an A/C adapter(UK plut)
1x manual
1x remote control(as a gift)


  • HD DISPLAY FUNCTION: 8 ” 1024*768 HD LCD, time mode [ 12 or 24 HR & AM or PM ] , date mode[ MM/DD/YY & DD/MM/YY ] , 4 time period [ MORNING & AFTERNOON & EVENING & NIGHT ] ,Auto Night Dimming, 8 languages available , Size: 8.5″ wide x 6.75″ high x 1″ deep.
  • 12 ALARM MODES EASY CHOICE : Single Alarm, Every Day, Weekdays Only, or Weekends Only, Off. & tag:Meal,Medicine,Cleaning,Appointment and so on. It is quickly becoming a perfect Senior Care and In Home Care necessity.
  • BEST CLOCK FOR SENIOR CARE: This unique High Resolution Digital Alarm Clock clearly spells out the time. no confusing abbreviations. Many seniors are suffering from memory loss due to dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s or just advancing years,Give the gift of confidence and happiness – buy an CLOCK for your loved ones today!
  • PROTECTION: in case of a power outage, it will be reset to the correct time and date when the power returns. The clock requires an A/C adapter (included) to operate. Does not run on batteries. The clock is shipped with a removable thin plastic screen protector, to protect the screen during transit.
  • Satisfaction Promised and Fast Shipping: we believe in our products. That’s why we 30 days 100% money-back and 1 years warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support

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