Miniland Two Baby Bottle Warmer and Steriliser



– Heats up to two bottles or baby food and sterilises Ideal for cufflinks or twins. Twin warmy allows heat evenly up to two bottles at once, which will save time to parents of twins or twins.
– Heats Water naturally using steam to high temperature, getting the milk and the drink to the uniform temperature and appropriate to baby, thus avoiding the drawbacks of other methods as the microwave.
– Thanks to the warming soft and uniform, is not lost any of the properties of the breast milk during the process, preservándose its nutrients and vitamins, and reaching a temperature similar to the body temperature of the mom, what more similar to the natural breastfeeding
– Twin warmy allows sterilised Two Bottles And Other Accessories in the same device that is the warm-up.
– through the touch panel can control all the features of the device: Quick warm-up, mode of temperature preservation and sterilization. – Because not all babies are equal, thanks to its timer allows heat the milk or baby food to the preferred temperature by the smaller.
– With twin warmy you can select the desired time of heating and sterilization process and observe the remaining time thanks to its display.
– A Visual Warning and sound indicates when it has completed the warm-up or when the water has been exhausted, automatically powering.
Reference: 89197


  • Lets you uniformly heat up two baby bottles at the same time for your twin babies
  • Warms naturally using high temperature steam
  • Perfect for warming breast milk
  • When the water has run out, it turns off automatically

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