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LumoLeaf Elite Anti Bark Dog Collar with Beeps Vibration Correction, USB Rechargeable with 3 Training Modes for All Breeds and Sizes, Trainer Recommended Dog Bark Control Device

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A well-trained dog makes a happy family

The LumoLeaf Elite Anti-Bark Collar reins in your dog’s nuisance barking, done out of boredom or attention seeking, and trains him to bark only as necessary to alert you to unusual circumstances. Recommended by esteemed dog trainers, our No Bark Collar uses a series of tones, vibrations to discourage incessant barking. Your dog will quickly associate these signals with their unnecessary barking and curtail the unwanted behavior.

Fully adjustable for all breeds and temperaments

  • Beep Only
  • Vibration Only 
  • Beep + Vibration 

Three training modes accommodate both quick learners and stubborn barkers. An escalation of beeps and vibrations warn your dog to stop barking. An auto protection mode kicks in to protect your dog if barking exceeds 7 corrections in 1 minute. The LCD digital display makes set-up easy, and the adjustable webbed collar fits neck sizes from 6.2″ to 20.5″.

Comfort and durability are our benchmarks

Our No Bark Collar is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing and features 2 rows of reflective stitching so you and your dog are visible in low-light conditions. With an IP56 protection rating, the collar unit is impervious to dirt and powerful water sprays. Say farewell to disposable batteries because the LumoLeaf Elite Collar is USB rechargeable. This makes it lightweight and comfortable for your dog, and environmentally conscious and economical for you. 

Make anti-bark training affordable and comfortable for you and your canine companion. Add the LumoLeaf Elite Anti Bark Dog Collar to your cart today. 


  • ★ END ANNOYING BARKING with the most advanced No Bark Collar on the market. Adjustable from 6.2″ to 20.5″, the Elite Dog Bark Collar fits any size or breed of dog, from Miniature Pinschers to English Mastiffs.
  • ★ TRAINER RECOMMENDED dog training collar has 3 modes: beep only; vibration only; beep + vibration. Intelligent sensitivity adjustment prevents activation by other dogs barking.
  • ★ ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY LEVELS of beeps and vibrations are harmless to your dog. Auto Protection Mode activates if the collar delivers 7 corrections in a 1-minute period. LCD digital display allows quick, easy set-up.
  • ★ WEATHERPROOF and visible in low-light conditions. With a water resistance rating of IP56, your dog is free to play in the sprinkler. Two rows of reflective stitching keep you both safe from motorists after dark.
  • ★ SAVE MONEY with our USB rechargeable auto bark collar. Never buy the wrong size batteries again or find yourself without batteries if the collar runs low. Protect our planet from toxic disposable batteries.