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Lavievert 9-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center Multifunctional Bead Maze Toddler Educational Toys Game

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Lavievert multifunctional bead maze toy set features 9 different interesting and enlightening games. It includes one detachable and reversible bead maze, and each side is characterized by a different game: fishing game, flight chess, flipping numbers, gear wheels, adjustable clock, creature matching, geometric pattern matching, and colored abacus. Multifunctional and professionally made, it easily engages children in games and comprehensively explores their potentials.


  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE MATERIAL – Lavievert bead maze is designed to scientifically enlighten and develop children’s skills. Constructed by solid wood and crafted with advanced technique, no toxic paint included. The detachable lid and bottom side can be used respectively for different games, while the bead maze can be put inside after use.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOY SET – 9-in-1 game set features bead maze, fishing game, flight chess, colored abacus, color & pattern matching game, clock, number blocks, gearwheel, and creature matching game.
  • ENLIGHTENING & EDUCATIONAL – Bright colors and a variety of geometric figures are conducive to children’s sensory stimuli and cerebral development – the bead maze enhances their hand-eye coordination, the colored abacus enlightens them with the basics of arithmetic, the gear wheels help to develop their logic, the clock with adjustable hands guides them to form the idea of time, and the creature matching game allows them to learn to think.
  • PLAY WITH OTHERS – This play set is good for encouraging them to learn and guiding them to explore unknown things. Kids may not be aware that they are learning while playing with their little buddies.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – Wooden fishing rod × 2 pcs, magnetic wooden fish × 1 pack, colored cube × 3 pcs, fly chess × 1 pack. Suitable for kids of above 36 months.