Cocktail Making Set, Blusmart 5pcs 700ML Cocktail Shaker Set with Rotation Recipe Guide Cocktail Shakers Built-in Bartender Strainer & Measuring Jigge

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After we have worked for a day, it is better to prepare a cocktail for ourselves and then savor it with wonderful music. Get cocktail to burst into the blood provide your soul an elated waves.

If you want to make an amazing drinks by yourself – It is worthy of Blusmart Cocktail Making Set.

Be Proud of Strong Seal Design

The Blusmart cocktail shaker has a small top cover that is easy to open. The cover has a layer of black plastic that fits well with the bottle mouth. The large lid has a very thin white rubber ring, this white rubber ring and black plastic both can prevent splash out when the wine shakes violently.

practical design

Blusmart bar tool of Cocktail Shaker Set is designed with a built-in strainer, it have so many uniform size hole which can strain away ice and other unwanted ingredients, such as seeds and a large of fruit. it is so easy and convenient to clean for you.

amazing design

The bottom is a double cup design so that the Cocktail Set can stand firmly on the table. You can also separate the steel cup from the cup so that cleaning is easier

As a bartender, you do not know the proportion and method of bartending?

Don’t worry, the Blusmart Cocktail Making Set is a two-tiered design with a cup on the outside, the cup wall is 0.6MM and cup body has 8 different cocktail preparation formulas, so that you can rotation it and the outside of cup will show the cocktail recipes.

A great cocktail shaker must have high quality

Blusmart cocktail shaker is made of 304 stainless steel, it is not only safe, healthy and environmental protection but also is built to last. Over time, it will not rust, leak or lose quality and it is not afraid of any scratches and beat than it can even be safely cleaned in the dishwasher!


  • 【High Quality】Blusmart Cocktail Making Set and all accessories are made of durable, anti-rust and scratch-resistant 304 stainless steel, which prevents the cocktail shaker kit from retaining odors or staining. This bar set kit look positively exquisitez environmentally friendly. Bar tool set also can be safely cleaned in the dishwasherand.
  • 【Great Value】Blusmart Cocktail Shaker Set is newly designed with 8 different cocktail preparation formulas to ensure you can create quickly and easily even the most complex drinks by rotating the cocktail recipes on the cocktail shaker body whether or not you are a professional bartender.
  • 【Extremely Strong Seal】There is a layer of black plastic on the small cover of Cocktail Set while a thin white rubber ring on the large lid, which both not only prevent cocktail shaker kit from splash and leak when you pour but also make your drinks well mixed. If you want to open the cocktail shaker, please note to spin the small cover and it doesn’t make excess water flow out.
  • 【Variety of Accessories】If you are an at-home drink enthusiast (or even a professional bartender), Blusmart Cocktail Making Set is perfect for creating great-tasting drinks. Includes: a built-in strainer, a stainless-steel spoon, a 24-ounce shaker and a free 1 & ½ oz jigger. You also get a free manual instructions on the cocktail shaker body.
  • 【100% Guarantee】If you have any problems on our Cocktail Set, you can get a 30-day refund or replacement after we confirm your issues. And if you can give your suggestion on our Cocktail Making Set to help us improve, you also can get a free gift (please see our description).

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