Car boot cover for dogs – car boot protection for every car – high-quality material – gathers moisture, dirt and hair – solid dog cover with side protection 175*105*36 cm by SMARTPEAS

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Useful accessories for clean cushions

The SMARTPEAS car boot cover for dogs makes the life of dog owners easier. The protection blanket can be securely fastened within couple of minutes. Robust click locks on the headrest of the back seat hold the car boot cover for dogs in its position. Strong hook-and-loop fasteners on the bottom give the additional security – supported by suction cups which provide secure attachment of the sides. Herewith are not only the floor, but also the back seat and the side elements of the boot protected from moisture, dirt and animal hair. Now you can let your dog jump into the car after running around freely without additional effort.

Just wipe and clean

After usage you will see how the cover for dogs is really ease to maintain: You can wipe and clean it with a damp cloth without too much effort. If the boot cover gets a bit dirtier you can take it off, clean it and then hang it on the clothesline. If you don’t need the protection cover anymore you can fold it quickly and leave it in the car, as it doesn’t require much space.

Suitable for every car type

Practical measures from 175*105*36 cm, as well as neutral black colour of the boot protection cover for dogs suits every car type – from small cars to bigger vehicles. The strap length can be adjusted with just a couple of movements in order to cover the whole booth surface. The rounded edges fit the boot form wrinkle-free and without sticking out. This way your dog can lie in the boot comfortably and peacefully during the ride.

Also for the transport of items

Not only the dog owner should be thrilled with the car protection cover, as it has more than one application: You can also perfectly move your belongings, transport garden waste and do other things with the boot protection cover for dogs – and the boot as well as the seats remain clean and undamaged.


  • ✅ EASY USAGE: Spread the protection cover in the boot and fasten it to the headrest with adjustable straps. Four hook-and-loop fasteners prevent slipping of the cover.
  • ✅ SOPHISTICATED FUNCTION: Once fastened, the car boot cover for dogs protects the vehicle from moisture, dirt and animal hair. The practical loading sill protection prevents scratch marks during getting in and out.
  • ✅ EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES: 175 cm length, 105 cm width – with 36 cm side protection & 45 cm seat protection. Herewith is the cover some great 20 % bigger than other similar products and fits into every car.
  • ✅ EASY MAINTENANCE: The robust material is showerproof as well as dirt-repellent. The car protection blanket is easily wipeable and washable – and herewith very easy to clean.
  • ✅ PRACTICAL DETAILS: Suction cups on both sides of the car boot cover for dogs enable very secure fixing. Rounded edges make it possible to fit every boot wrinkle-free. No slipping!

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