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Back Support Brace, Lower Lumbar Belt MEDiBrace II (Medical Grade) Pain & Discomfort Relief from Sciatica, Backache, Slipped Disc, Hernia, Spinal Stenosis, Spine Injury Prevention | Posture Corset

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Whether you are a long term sufferer of back pain and looking for relief, or you want to avoid developing symptoms of back pain, this is the perfect device for you.

Acute back pain is usually a self-limiting problem which, if managed appropriately, should resolve spontaneously. One solution for adequate management is using a back support device like our back brace to help relieve the symptoms of lower back pain and allow the back to heal.

New for 2016, the MEDiBrace has been designed to help manage lower back problems by supporting the lower lumbar region. There are lots of back braces on the market that purport to do the job, but few are MEDICALLY CERTIFIED to be as effective as the MEDiBrace.

The unique double-adjustable feature of this system enables a surprising level of comfort and ‘dial-in’ support. Other brands are too heavy, are not adjustable or don’t sit comfortably around the waist, but the MEDiBrace uses the lightweight but strong material Neoprene to wrap around the waist and provide enough flexibility to allow free range of movement whilst firmly giving support.

The MEDiBrace enables activity at the gym or in sports like golf, squash or even dancing! Its slim fit makes it discreet under clothing during the day. The fashionable MEDiBrace is also available in attractive colours and sizes.

The MEDiBrace back support has assisted those with scoliosis, sciatica, hernia, slipped disc and osteoporosis. It can also be used as a preventative measure and helps to improve better spine posture and improve spinal alignment in men and women.

We’re so confident this device will help to improve your suffering that we offer our rock solid MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it doesn’t. ProfessorZ has helped thousands of sufferers get back on their feet to make their lives a little more bearable through our back support brace. Allow us to help you today!


  • SUPERIOR LOW BACK SUPPORT PAIN RELIEF: “I have previously purchased other back supports but this is the most comfortable one I have used and stays in place. It helps people like me with sciatica.” –Jodie. No other back brace firmly supports your lumbar region than the MEDiBrace II. Re-designed for 2018, the improved MEDiBrace II prevents poor POSTURE that aggravates nerve receptors that induce pain. No pressure on the sensitive areas means active pain relief for you
  • HELPS PREVENT BACK INJURY: The unique design of the MEDiBrace II back support is able to prevent your LOWER BACK from becoming injured during exercise; Whether at the gym, taking fitness classes, football or other sporting activities where you are bending or twisting your back. It works whilst you are working out allowing you to enjoy your active lifestyle without associated back pain. Those prone to episodic back pain through work or exercise can benefit from wearing the MEDiBrace II
  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN FOR 2018: After years of listening to our customer feedback, the MEDiBrace II is now a new generation back support brace. A little known secret is that almost all other back support brands save money during manufacture by stitching together three or more pieces of Neoprene. Unfortunately, this can cause seams to tear under long-term stress and was a potential problem for customers. The MEDiBrace II now outclasses other brands. It’s a single piece of Neoprene. No seams
  • COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, FASHIONABLE: Experience firm but comfortable support in the lower back region of your body without feeling weighted down or restricted. The special Neoprene material is ultra-light without compromising on support. The double elasticated Velcro straps are adjustable. “The MEDiBrace II replaced a medical back brace which had been supplied to me years ago. I’m pleased to say this is more comfortable to wear yet still provides considerable support.” –Ken B
  • WHY CHOOSE OVER OTHER BACK SUPPORTS? The main difference is the MEDiBrace II uses higher grade materials and ONE single piece of Neoprene. Other back supports use three or more pieces stitched together (to save money) which can rip or tear along seams. These devices have to endure a lot of stress and strain, so with higher grade Velcro, wider straps, whole pieces, the MEDiBrace lasts much longer. The risk with buying cheaper copies of the MEDiBrace is simple; They’re less effective overall