GBS Cleaning Trolley for Kids, Kids Cleaning Trolley Set

GBS Cleaning Trolley for Kids

GBS Cleaning Trolley for Kids, Kids Cleaning Trolley Set with Accessories – For Children Aged 3+, Wheels Around From Room To Room

Step into the World of Make-Believe Chores with the Kids’ Cleaning Trolley:

Delight your little one’s imagination with the Kids’ Cleaning Trolley, a gateway to a realm of pretend-play where they become the house-hold helper they’ve always admired. This playset, adorned with vibrant-hues and captivating design, invites children into a world where sweeping, dusting, and mopping are not just chores but exciting adventures.

A Symphony of Colors for Young Minds

Watch as your child’s eyes light up in response to the symphony of colors that adorn the toddler cleaning set. The toy’s vibrant-palette is carefully curated to captivate-young minds, creating a visually-stimulating experience that turns the mundane into the extraordinary in the realm of imaginative-play.

Safe Play, Durable Adventures

Crafted from materials designed with the safety of children in mind, the toy cleaning set for toddlers is more than just a playset—it’s a reliable companion for active adventures. The childrens cleaning set sturdy construction ensures it stands strong against the energetic play of young ones, making it a durable and dependable partner for countless make-believe cleaning sessions.


• 1 x Push along trolley

• 1 x Mop

• 1 x Bucket

• 1 x Drainer

• 1 x Long handled brush

• 1 x Dustpan

• 1 x Brush

• 1 x Washing bowl

• 1 x Rubbish bag

• 2 x Cleaning spray bottles

• Dimensions: 49 x 38 x 14.5cm (Approx.)

Safety Warning

suitable for 3+

  • Imaginative Pretend-Play: Encourage your child's creativity with this pretend Cleaning Trolley, designed for delightful make-believe play. Kids can enjoy pretending to sweep, dust, and mop, fostering imaginative scenarios that mimic real-life house cleaning and chores.
  • Complete 11-Piece Playset: The Cleaning Set Toys for Kids comes with a comprehensive 11-piece set, providing your child with all the essential-tools they need to assist in house-hold cleaning activities. This playset adds a layer of realism to their imaginative play, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Safe and Durable Materials: Crafted with materials that prioritize child safety, the kids cleaning set is strong enough to handle active play. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is engaging with a toy made from materials that meet safety standards and can withstand the energy of playtime.
  • Vibrant-and Captivating-Design: The toy cleaning trolley features a vibrant-and captivating design that immediately-captures the attention of children. The use of bright and cheerful colors not only makes the toy visually-appealing but also contributes to a positive and engaging play experience.
  • Interactive Learning Through Play: Beyond the fun of pretend-play, the Cleaning Trolley provides an opportunity for interactive learning. Children can develop essential-life skills, responsibility, and a sense of routine as they engage in imaginative cleaning activities, making playtime both enjoyable and educational.
Dimensions: 49 x 38 x 14.5 cm
Model: 65432
Material: Plastic
Age: 36 months – 12 years
Assembly: No
Material: Plastic