DMoose Figure 8 Lifting Straps for Weightlifting

DMoose Figure 8 Lifting Straps for Weightlifting

DMoose Figure 8 Lifting Straps for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Deadlift – Premium Quality, Heavy-Duty Support Wrist Wraps – Enhances Grip Strength, Reduces Wrist Strain – For Bodybuilding & Lifting

  • ACHIEVE REMARKABLE LIFTING CAPACITY: Gym straps are expertly designed to deliver a secure and confident gym hand grips, empowering you to elevate your weightlifting game. By leveraging their exceptional grip, you can confidently take on heavier weights, surpass your previous limits, and unlock a whole new level of muscle growth and strength gains.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO GRIP FATIGUE: Lifting heavier is often compromised by weak grip and wrist discomfort. Tackle these issues head-on with our gym wrist straps. Engineered to boost your grip, these straps empower you to lift heavier weights comfortably and safely. Bid farewell to wrist strain and hello to new lifting records with the superior support of our weight straps
  • ELEVATE LIFTING PERFORMANCE: Hand cuffs deadlift straps can drastically improve your weightlifting performance by enabling you to lift heavier without compromising on form. They provide a solid grip, allowing you to focus on your technique rather than worrying about the weight slipping off. Moreover, these lifting straps make your workout safer by minimizing the risk of injury due to incorrect form or dropped weights
  • EASY APPLICATION FOR EFFICIENT WORKOUTS: Wrist straps weightlifting provide easy application and removal. Simply thread the end of the gym grips through its loop to form a circle, slip your wrist through, and you're ready to lift. Simple design of these straps allows for quick release, making them especially useful for exercises like deadlifts where you might need to let go of the weight quickly.
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: Our weight lifting straps are designed keeping you in mind. Crafted from heavy-duty cotton fabric, they ensure longevity even under the harshest workout conditions. The reinforced stitching adds to their durability, making it a reliable choice for lifters during even the most intense workouts.
Size: S
Dimensions: 22.86 x 11.43 x 0.38 cm; 118 Grams
Model: F8S-23
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 2
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Dmoose
Department: Unisex
Department: Unisex
Quantity: 2
Size: S

Product Description

Unbeatable Support for Weightlifting and Deadlifting

figure 8 lifting strapsstraps for weight lifting | dead lifting wrist straps |

Recyclable Packaging

Our straps come in recyclable packaging reflecting DMoose’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  1. figure 8 weight lifting straps

    Suitable for Various Exercises!

    From deadlifts to rows, our Figure 8 straps provide targeted support for a wide range of exercises.

  2. weightlifting straps padded

    Minimize Grip Fatigue!

    Promotes stability by minimizing grip fatigue and helping you maintain control during lifts.

  3. lifting wrist straps |

    Reduce The Risk of Dropped Weights!

    Secure your grip and reduce the risk of accidents or weights slipping for a safer workout session.

  4. grip straps for weight lifting |

    Amplify Your Lifting Performance!

    Crush barriers, unleash muscle growth, and amplify your strength gains with elevated lifting.

1Performance Partner2Enhanced Stability3Injury Prevention4Maximized Lifting Gains

Size Chart

wrist bar straps

My size falls in between the given size ranges of two sizes, what should I do?

Size up if your measurements fall between two ranges!

Is there a difference in length with the straps with the sizes?

Yes, 1 Inch difference between all sizes.

What’s the max weight it can hold?

It can hold 150 to 175 Pounds.

How thick is the actual strap?

Our premium Figure 8 Straps have thickness of 4 MM.

How does the design of Figure 8 Straps help wrists during lifts?

The design keeps your wrist in a good position when you’re lifting, making sure your wrist doesn’t bend uncomfortably.

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Unisex Design