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Early Educational Toy For Boys Girls First Birthday Gifts

Wooden Activity Cube | Activity Play Cube Toy | Bead Maze Shape Sorter Toddler Activities, Early Educational Toy For Boys Girls First Birthday Gifts

The first side: the bead roller coaster, the small animals start the roller coaster adventure journey, shuttle back and forth between the beads, guide the baby to observe the movement trajectory, and exercise hand-eye coordination
The second side: gear linkage, to cultivate the baby’s logical thinking,
The third side: clock cognition, cultivates the baby’s concept of time
The fourth side: shape matching, developing baby shape and color recognition, promoting hand-eye coordination
The fifth side: Turn over the letter patterns, onne side of English letters, onne side of patterned words, associated memory, strengthen baby’s learning and cognition Recognition of 26 letters and words/patterns corresponding to words

Name: Wooden Activity Toy Cube
Material: basswood + water-based paint
Size: about 23*23*35cm/8.66*8.66*13.78inch 
Weight: about 1850g 

Packing List:
Wooden Cube Toy*1 

  • λ [ Excellent Quality Materials ] Learning Toys are durable for long-term use, safe and environmentally friendly, and made of high-quality basswood material and water-based paint.
  • λ [ Creative 5-Side Design ] The top is a roller coaster with beads, Montessori Toys are cute and interesting, and the other 4 sides are gear linkage, shape matching, clock recognition, and letter recognition.
  • λ [ Holiday Gifts ] Help strengthens the baby's learning cognition, Baby Activity Cube is an excellent gift for boys and girls over 1 year old, can put all the building blocks into the box to let your baby develop a good habit of loving tidying up.
  • λ [ Superior Craftsmanship ] Suitable for small hands to grasp, Wooden Activity Cubes are not easy to fade or deform, crafted with smooth appearances without burrs.
  • λ [ Intelligence Toys ] Activity Cube improves hand-eye coordination and logical thinking ability, promotes baby's sensory development, and helps cultivate shape and color recognition.
Weight: 1.94 kg
Brand: Youding
Colour: 1