Tedious Peanut Exercise Ball, Peanut Ball with Hand Pump

Tedious Peanut Exercise Ball

Tedious Peanut Exercise Ball, Peanut Ball with Hand Pump, Massage & Mobility Balls for Muscle Relaxer, Balance Stability, Home Gym Workou

Tips for inflation:
1. How to inflate the peanut ball:
Allow the Ball to reach room temperature before inflating.
Insert the pump into the ball’s air piston and work the pump, airing up the ball.
Stop inflating when the ball reaches the level of the mark. Do not overinflate.
The ball may not inflate to 100% of its size on initial inflation. Due to the Ball’s material, it will increase to proper size with second inflation.

2. How to deflate the peanut ball:
Remove the stem cover with the plug puller that came with the exercise ball. Twist the piston back and forth in an upward motion until the piston is fully removed from the ball.

User tips:
Choose a workout that suits your strength and flexibility. Follow your doctor’s recommendations when 
undertaking exercise. Stop exercising immediately if you feel/become faint.
Store your ball indoors at room temperature – The sun will cause the ball to be broken over time due to UVexposure.
Our peanut ball is easy to clean with just a soft damp cloth. Doesn’t contain any heavy metal elements.
The ball is anti-burst and made extra tough, not to be used around hard objects.

Material: PVC
Size: as the picture shown

Packing List:
1 x Peanut Ball
1 x Hand Pump
1 x Plug
1 x Plug Remover Tool

  • ♡ [ More Functions ] Great for yoga, pilates, fitness, birthing exercises, balance training, and more, Excercise Workout Ball allows you to have great workouts in the comfort of your own home, suitable for kids and adults.
  • ♡ [ Excellent PVC Materials ] Yoga Ball For Exercise is safe, flexible, and environmentally friendly, durable for long-term use, and made of excellent PVC material.
  • ♡ [ Work Well for You ] Not easy to break or deform, Exercise Balls For Adults are crafted with smooth appearances without burrs, anti-burst tested and non-slip.
  • ♡ [ Great for Gift Giving ] Exercise Balls For Working Out are a great workout buddy especially for those times when you struggle to get to the gym, nice gifts for friends and coworkers, ideal for training abs, back, glutes, and other body muscles.
  • ♡ [ Easy to Inflate ] Comes with a foot pump for quick and easy inflation, Yoga Ball For Pregnancy is perfect to use at home and in fitness studio, only takes a few minutes to inflate.
Brand: Tedious
Origin: China