Takezuaa 6pcs The Digital Circus Plush Toys,Pomni Jax

Takezuaa 6pcs The Digital Circus Plush Toys

Takezuaa 6pcs The Digital Circus Plush Toys,Pomni Jax Plushies Toys for TV Fans and Friends,Cute Soft Stuffed Figure Plush Doll Toy,for Various Festivals as Gifts for Relatives and Friends


Name: Plush clown toy

Material: plush


Package List:

6*plush toy

  • [High-Quality Materials]Our adorable plush doll is crafted from soft and comfortable plush fabrics. It retains its shape, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • [Digital Circuss Plush Doll] The Digital circuss Pomni plush is made based on the popular cartoon. It mades minor changes but perfectly restores the style characteristics, which is cute and popular.
  • [Full of Fun]Digital circuss jaxs plush toy will be your child's constant companion, full of cuteness, and perfect for them to hold and play with.Di-gital circuss plush will enrich their playtime, spark their imagination, and bring endless joy to their life.
  • [Versatile Use]This plush toy serves as an ideal companion and can double as a desktop nap pillow or cushion. Whether you need a quick nap, a cozy reading session on the sofa, or some TV time, it's there to enhance your moments of relaxation.
  • [Perfect gift] It is very suitable for various festivals as gifts for relatives and friends, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, theme. When they receive it, everyone will feel novel and surprised!
Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 3 cm
Material: plush
Pack Quantity: 6
Assembly: No
Material: plush
Quantity: 6