FUNLOV Space Ball, Ultra High Bounce Jump Ball and Solid

FUNLOV Space Ball

FUNLOV Space Ball, Ultra High Bounce Jump Ball and Solid Bounce Ball, Popular Bounce Space Ball, Rubber Bounce Ball Sensory Ball, Indoor and Outdoor Sports Training Ball

Product name: Solid Elastic Ball
Material: PU
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange

  • Gravity rebound: The solid elastic ball is made of the most elastic PU material on Earth and is the most elastic ball ever. Say goodbye to the little rubber ball.
  • Sound effect: Solid elastic balls make interesting sounds on the sidewalk, making bouncing on any hard surface even more addictive and incredible.
  • 100% non-toxic: This high-quality and durable ball is made of non-toxic PU material, which is safe and reassuring. Solid elastic balls can withstand bouncing, sports use, and indoor and outdoor games, ensuring safe and worry free gaming.
  • Easy to operate: The unique design of the solid elastic ball makes it easy to grip and improve hand eye coordination. It is widely used by athletes as a sports training ball
Colour: 6 Colors
Manufacture: FUNLOV
Age: Adult