FK Sports Pedal Exerciser Bike | Portable Home Fitness Mini

FK Sports Pedal Exerciser Bike | Portable Home Fitness Mini Exercise Bike | Arm Leg Folding Exerciser Fitness Cycling | LCD Monitor and Adjustable Resistance

FK Sports Pedal Exerciser Bike | Portable Home Fitness Mini Exercise Bike | Arm Leg Folding Exerciser Fitness Cycling | LCD Monitor and Adjustable Resistance

Folding Mini Exercise Bike Arm Leg Resistance Cycle Pedal Exerciser Workout Seat.

For a low-impact workout that is an efficient and hassle-free option, try this exercise bike. Motorized by hand for total control and minimal impact, it’s ideal for those who want to work out without putting strain on joints, as well as those seeking to strengthen legs and arms to increase stamina, improve circulation and ease tension.

The design has a huge and simple-to-read LCD display that displays the duration, speed, and current count along with the total count and calories burned, allowing you to track everything in a simple manner.

It’s also equipped with a tension knob that allows you to manage the resistance, and straps that are non-slip to prevent your hands and feet from slipping out and causing any injury. Compact and easy to use It is ideal for a daily schedule that is busy and chaotic.


Folding Mini Bike:

Type: Home pedal exerciser

Color: Grey/Black

Material: Steel and plastic

Coating: Powder Coating

Size (folded): 32*36.5*21(cm)

Size (fully extended): 48.5*36.5*32(cm)

Weight: 2.8kg

Shipping Weight:3.2 Kg.

Max Load:100kg

Package Includes:

1 x Exercise Bike
1 x Screw Set
1 x Manual

  • ✅Indoor Exercise Bike: This mini exercise bike is suitable to perform lower and upper body exercises that improve the strength of your muscles and joint range of motion and coordination. It has 2.2 kg Cast Iron flywheel. Not like other with 1kg plastic wheel. It can be used on a table for arm exercises or on the floor to work your legs. If you are looking to exercise your leg, make sure you don't sit on it, instead place your feet on the floor so it is also known as under desk bike
  • ✅Portable Exercise Tool: Mini exercise pedal bike has a small and lightweight design that allows you to take it on excursions, and effortlessly transfer it from room to space or out. It can also be put away in a variety of places, such as under your desk, which means you can work out while working.
  • ✅Suitable for all Ages: It is a bike pedal exerciser that comes with straps that can be adjusted on the pedals that can accommodate different foot sizes. The tension control knob is convenient and allows the pedal exerciser to be set at a range of resistance to allow for a gradual exercise program. It is perfect for women of all ages or men working in offices with limitations in mobility, and those who have little time to visit the gym.
  • ✅LCD Display: With this miniature exercise bicycle you can exercise both arms and legs. The LCD computer monitors the following values that include: time of exercise and calories burned, as well as cycles and the number of revolutions in a minutes (rpm) as well as calories burnt. It is also equipped with a scanner that displays the entire sequence of measurements.
  • ✅Quiet and compact: Ultra-quiet operation doesn't disturb the exerciser making it perfect for exercise at home, at work, in the office, or even for therapeutic use. To ensure flooring is protected, put carpet under the exercise bike.
Dimensions: 49 x 36 x 24 cm; 3.2 Kilograms
Brand: fK sports
Colour: Black
Manufacture: FK Sports