3PCS Jeffy Puppet Plush Hand Puppet, Jeffy Soft Plush Stuff

3PCS Jeffy Puppet Plush Hand Puppet

3PCS Jeffy Puppet Plush Hand Puppet, Jeffy Soft Plush Stuff Toy Pillow, Cute Hand Puppet Jeffy Joseph Cody Soft Plush Toy Doll,for Kids, Fan Collectible Role-Playing Toddler Toys


Material: PP cotton

Size: 40 cm/60cm


1x Plush Toys

  • 【Jeffy Puppet Plush Toy Doll】Don't know what gift to give to the most important person? You are always thinking about how to stimulate their learning, development and creativity. This charming plush doll will win kids adoration and creative attention.
  • 【Doll Soft Material】The hand puppet toy is made of super soft fabric and healthy PP cotton material, carefully crafted, realistic in shape, and easy to clean.
  • 【Boy Hand Puppet Toy】We can open or close the boy's mouth by moving our fingers, play with this realistic hand puppet boy,
  • 【Puppets are full of fun】 Hand puppet boys are like real people. It can be used as an early education tool for children, interact and play with hand puppets, and develop children's abilities.
  • 【Children's Companion】The realistic hand puppet boy is very suitable for children's company, no matter when and where, it is suitable for many places, and can be played in birthday parties, amusement parks, homes, kindergartens and elementary schools.
Colour: 3pcs