ULTIMEA Dolby Atmos Sound Bar for TV, Soundbar for 3D

ULTIMEA Dolby Atmos Sound Bar for TV, Soundbar for 3D Surround Sound System, Bluetooth Soundbar for TV with Subwoofer, Deep Bass Adjustable, Slim TV Sound Bar, Home Theater Soundbar Speaker, Nova S5

  • Elevate your TV to Dolby Atmos: Equipped with Dolby Atmos, a cutting-edge audio technology tailored for high-end customers, the Nova S50 takes sound to new heights. Dolby Atmos provides a multi-dimensional sound experience that gives a virtual height and surround element, to dramatically fill the room with amazing sound.
  • Create 4K Movie Journey: Unlock the highest audio quality through HDMI-eARC and 4K TV connection, achieving Ultra HD visuals combined with unparalleled sound quality to create an immsive home theater experience.
  • Breaking Size Limitations, Achieving Sound Revolution: As debut 2.1ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar in such a compact size, Ultimea adopts proprietary acoustic architecture technologies to breaking size limitations and elevating the power of sound. Nova S50 brings the most accurate reproduction of sound you can feel.
  • Dolby Atmos Advanced Decoding: Compatible with Blu-ray, streaming (Netflix, Prime Video) on TVs, set-top boxes. Supports full decoding/playback if content is Dolby Atmos-enabled. With Ultimea exclusive BassMX technology enriches the low frequencies, enabling adjustable bass for a rumble, pulse-pounding Bass.
  • The Highest-level Audio Transmission: HDMI-eARC provides higher bandwidth and advanced audio transmission capabilities, supporting high-resolution, Dolby Atmos multi-channel audio effects. Enjoy lossless sound quality for superior immersive experience with a include HDMI Cable (Nova S50 doesn't support HDMI-eARC decoding DTS).

Product Description

True Dolby Atmos Advanced Decoding


Proprietary Acoustic Architecture Technologies to Boost the Sound

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