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Mammal Strength Thumb Tape (3 Pack), Super Sticky & Stretchy

Mammal Strength Thumb Tape (3 Pack)

Mammal Strength Thumb Tape (3 Pack), Super Sticky & Stretchy lifting tape for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Cross Training, Flexible & Easily Tearable, 5-Metre

  • 5-METRES PER ROLL: Save money when you buy Mammal weightlifting thumb Tape 2.0. At 5-metres in length per roll, our weightlifting tape is designed to save you money, with each box of 3 rolls giving you a total of 15-metres of fitness tape!
  • PLASTIC FREE: You can now say NO to any form of plastic waste, and continue saying YES to huge freaking lifts. Our boxes of four rolls are now 100% plastic-free.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Used mainly as thumb and gym tape, Mammal workout tape has been designed to be multi-purpose, for use on the skin and different areas of the body.
  • SUPER STICKY: With improvements in our hot melt glue formula, Mammal Strength thumb tape weightlifting is seriously sticky and will never leave any residue.
  • No. 1 FOR HOOK GRIP: As seen in weightlifting, Olympic lifting, Cross-Training, functional fitness, Mammal Olympic lifting tape is a firm favourite in the fitness scene, specifically for helping with grip and saving your thumbs in hook-grip.
Size: 5-Metre
Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 6 cm; 118 Grams
Brand: Mammal Strength
Model: TT-AE
Colour: White-Blue-Red (Pack of 3)
Pack Quantity: 3
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Mammal Strength
Department: Unisex
Department: Unisex
Quantity: 3
Size: 5-Metre

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mammal print MAMMAL STRENGTH LOGOMammal Strength Thumb Tape (4 PACK) - 5-Metre / 9-Metre Rolls - Premium Weightlifting Super-Stick...Mammal Strength Thumb Tape (4 PACK) - 5-Metre / 9-Metre Rolls - Premium Weightlifting Super-Stick...

Sleeves, straps and supports.

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  • What makes our products unique?

    The company has been specialising in its super-sticky hook-grip tape in the UK since the start of 2019. Now selling nationwide and through Europe, the tape has successfully been trialled and tested to ensure it saves and protects your hands, thumbs & fingers from the most enduring lifts.

    Are our products high quality?

    We at Mammal Strength pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of product. We value feedback and consistently make changes to ensure our tape, sleeves & straps are manufactured to the highest calibre.