EGQINR Smart Watch for Men Women Answer/Make Calls, 1.91 HD

EGQINR Smart Watch for Men Women Answer/Make Calls, 1.91 HD 320*386 Full Touch Screen Smartwatch, Fitness Watch with HRV/Mett/Heart Rate Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch Compatible with Android IOS

  • ⌚【Comprehensive Health Monitoring】: EGQINR smart watch is good at monitoring your health from every aspect. It can accurately track your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, blood oxygen levels, and even measure blood sugar non-invasively. This comprehensive set of health features empowers you to be proactive about your health, make informed decisions, and take the necessary actions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • ⌚【Bluetooth Calling Functionality】: Communication is effortless with the EGQINR smart watch. One-touch Bluetooth connectivity allows you to conveniently connect your smartphone to the watch, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. Whether you're in a meeting, exercising, or just enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication, stay connected anytime, anywhere.
  • ⌚【Fitness Tracking and Multiple Sports Modes】: Achieve your fitness goals with precision and accuracy. The smartwatch accurately tracks your steps, calories burned and distance traveled, providing real-time feedback on your progress. It also supports multiple sports modes, enabling you to monitor and analyze your performance in various activities, such as running, and more. Use this detailed data to optimize your workouts, improve your performance and stay motivated on your fitness journey.
  • ⌚【Humanized interface and rich functional design】: The smart watch has a 320*386 HD 1.91-inch full-touch large screen, providing an immersive visual experience. An intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and interaction with watch functions. It also includes a series of convenient functions such as music control, multi-dial switching, silent alarm clock, social sharing function. Plus, enjoy handy tools like a calculator, stopwatch, flashlight.
  • ⌚【Long Battery Life, Compatibility, and Mobile Apps】: The long-lasting battery life of the smartwatch allows you to experience hassle-free use. The high-density lithium polymer battery ensures 3-5 days of use and up to 20+ days in standby mode, minimizing the need for frequent charging. Compatible with Android (version 4.4 and above) and iOS (version 8.2 and above). Control and customize your smartwatch easily through a dedicated mobile app (Hband), enabling you to personalize your settings.

Product Description

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Personalized Theme UI

Express your unique style with EGQINR Smart Watch’s multiple sets of theme UI. Customize your watch face to match your mood, preference, or outfit, adding a touch of personalization to your wearable device.

User-Friendly Features

The smartwatch offers a range of user-friendly features that enhance convenience and productivity. Enjoy the flexibility of multi-dial switching, customize your watch face to suit your style, and use the silent alarm clock to wake up discreetly. Other features include a calculator for quick calculations, a stopwatch for timing activities, a flashlight for illumination, and a countdown timer for various tasks.

Compatibility of the watch Scan the QR code or search for “H Band” in the app store to download the app. It supports Android 4.4 and iOS 8.2 or above

**Please note that this product is not a medical device; its data is intended for reference purposes only, providing valuable insights to support your wellness journey.