TimeMoto TM—626 and RF-100 Employee Clocking in

TimeMoto TM—626 and RF-100 Employee Clocking in with Fingerprint reader, PIN, and RFID Badge Machine. Up to 200 Users. Employee Management Software Included and 25 RFID blocking badge.

  • EASY EMPLOYEE INTEGRATION: Make it just as easy for your employees. With our comprehensive and modern design, the learning curve to using our time clocks is minimal.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LOCAL LABOUR LAWS: Our time clocks make it easy to adhere to local labour laws. Make managing overtime, hours, reports, and more a breeze. A global security standard.
  • SEAMLESS ADDITION TO OFFICE FACILITIES: Our modern and sleek design makes our time clocks blend seamlessly into your office or warehouse. Designed to suit every business.
  • 5 INCLUDED RFID CARDS: With seamless integration to your office, seamless integration to your routine is expected. 5 RFID cards are included to make the transition to using your Time Clock that much easier.
  • THE PERFECT ADDITION, THE RF-100: Bundle your order with our 25 RFID Time Clock Card Badges. Perfect for your wallet, great for new employees or replacing lost or damaged badges.
Brand: TimeMoto