Lego Set of 3: 76249 Venomized Groot, 76217 I Am Groot

Lego Set of 3: 76249 Venomized Groot

Lego Set of 3: 76249 Venomized Groot, 76217 I Am Groot & 30652 The Dimension Portal by Doctor Strange

When you combine the cute Baby Groot with the hideous Venom, you create the LEGO Marvel Venomized Groot (76249). This articulated and versatile figure offers Marvel fans aged 10 and up real thrills.
Venom Makeover for Baby Groot
Your child can build a detailed, movable replica of Venomized Groot and then add more stones to make him more and more like the hideous Venom. Adaptations include Venom’s familiar long tongue, his pointed teeth, his tentacles, and his big white eyes. Arms, legs, head and hips can be moved so your child can send their Venomized Groot on countless imaginative adventures.

The LEGO Marvel “I am Groot (76217) set includes a movable figure. Children aged 10 and up can bring Baby Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into many different poses.
Groot to play and display
All fans of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 from Marvel Studios know the famous scene where Baby Groot dances. Now kids can recreate these and many more scenes with this detailed replica of the adorable little rogue. The buildable model can be easily moved into a wide range of positions and poses. And a music cassette lets children pretend to play music! In addition, the LEGO Building Instructions app offers children the opportunity to enlarge, rotate and view a digital model view when building. This interactive building process conveys a particularly captivating experience.

The dimension portal of Doctor Strange Polybag

  • Lego set of 3:
  • 76249 Venomized Groot
  • 76217 Ich bin Groot
  • 30652 The Dimension Portal of Doctor Strange
Weight: 1.11 Kilograms
Age: 10 years and up