Dino Bikes 144R-UN Unicorn 14″ Bicycle 14'', White

Dino Bikes 144R-UN Unicorn 14" Bicycle 14''

Dino Bikes 144R-UN Unicorn 14″ Bicycle 14'', White & Pink

  • Product 1: pneumatic tyres
  • Product 1: removable stabilisers
  • Product 1: adjustable saddle and handlebars
  • Product 1: Unicorn Decals
  • Product 2: PROTECT your little ones head with the adorable Schwinn Unicorn infant helmet, perfect for use with your child's balance bike, scooter or tricycle
  • Product 2: Easy adjust dial fit retention system offers ADJUSTABILITY between 44-50cm ideal for children aged 0-3 years
  • Product 2: TOUGH outer shell absorbs impacts to help reduce the risk of head injuries
  • Product 2: SECURE chin fastener with ADJUSTABILTY for maximum SAFETY
Brand: Dino Bikes
Age: Kid

From the manufacturer

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