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GentlePower Freestanding Washing Machine, 10kg load

GentlePower Freestanding Washing Machine

GentlePower Freestanding Washing Machine, 10kg load, 1400rpm, Silver [Energy Class A]

Long lasting performance, maximum cleaning results and a catalogue of cleaning capabilities to cater for your laundry needs, the Hotpoint H8 W046SB UK Washing machine boasts a generous 10kg capacity for even the biggest laundry challenges, an A class energy rating and an authentic design built to last. Achieve impeccable cleaning with maximum energy and water efficiency with GentlePower technology, water is sprayed carefully onto your laundry like a waterfall, providing a thorough wash, whilst Load Detect precisely understands the quantity of laundry placed inside the drum, and automatically adjusts the water and energy needed for each cycle by continually monitoring the amount of water absorbed by the load, cementing extraordinary cleaning results with impressive energy and water savings. With a host of energy and water saving solutions, the AutoDose function takes care of the amount of detergent used, dispatching the perfect amount of detergent for every cycle so you can wash multiple loads without the need to re-fill, saving you time and money. For added versatility, discover the power of steam and achieve ultimate cleaning results and peace of mind, Steam 3.0 technologies provide ultimate cleaning results with three options to choose from. The Steam Hygiene cycle which reduces bacteria thanks to a prolonged high temperature; the 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle refreshes clothes without washing; and finally the Steam Finish option keeps your laundry soft, for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle. For Added practicality the Drum Light is an addition which gives you Perfect visibility inside the machine.no more forgotten socks. The drum light is automatically activated whenever the door is opened, so you have perfect visibility inside the machine. Make a thoughtful purchase for your home and your surroundings that excels in design and performance.

  • GentlePower – maximum savings in water and energy consumption
  • Super Silent
  • AutoDose – Fill once, and wash up to 26* times
  • Steam 3.0 – Discover the power of steam and achieve ultimate cleaning results and peace of mind.
  • Load detect – Extraordinary cleaning with impressive energy and water savings
Weight: 83 kg
Dimensions: 64.3 x 59.9 x 84.5 cm; 83 Kilograms
Brand: Hotpoint
Model: H8 W046SB UK
Part: H8 W046SB UK
Colour: Silver
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Hotpoint
Origin: China