Land Rover Lovers, Rejoice! The Defender 90 Now Comes as a Lego Model

This is one Lego set you won't mind getting dirty. In fact, some mud might make it look a little more realistic.

The Danish toymaker has just unveiled a new model kit based on the Land Rover Classic Defender 90. The retro 4x4 even comes with a number of off-roading accessories so you can take the pint-sized vehicle on some make-believe adventures.

When it comes to Lego automotive-inspired kits, there are those that look like a cartoonish approximation of the vehicle they're based on and those that look like the real deal.

Thankfully, the Classic Defender 90 falls firmly in the latter camp. Unlike a lot of the toymaker's recent vehicle sets, the old-school off-roader isn't part of its more advanced Technic line; instead it's part of the Lego Icons series. That means it doesn't have any functional parts--like the transmission on the Technic version of the Ferrari Daytona SP3--but it makes up for that with an abundance of lovingly crafted detail.

The standard Lego Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90

Lego Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90


Lego's 2,336-piece Defender is specifically based on the initial version of the boxy SUV produced from 1983 to 2016. It has an Atlantic green exterior, a white top, a tan interior and rides on a set of color-matching wheels outfitted in chunky tires. While the vehicle itself is a gorgeous recreation of the legendary 4x4, what really puts this set over the top are the accessories it comes with.

The set comes with a number of snap-on extras, like a bumper with a winch, an engine snorkel, a roof rack with work lights and spare tires for the hood and rear door.

There is also a bunch of gear, including a fire extinguisher, jerry cans and a toolbox, all of which can be stored inside the vehicle or on the roof rack. The accessories allow you to set up the vehicle in either a standard or an off-road configuration.

Lego Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90


The Classic Defender 90 hits the market on April 4 and will be available for £240 through the toy company's website. If your taste in Defenders runs a little more contemporary, don't worry, Lego has you covered.

The current-generation 4x4 is also available in brick form.

Buy Now on Lego: £240