Working LED lamp shines on the first 2023 LEGO Ideas review

A working lamp has joined the first 2023 LEGO Ideas review, presenting a decorative model that's notably different from the rest of the round. As part of a joint collaboration between Castor-Troy and Max Brich, the LED Lamp has reached the first 2023 review stage with 10,000 supporters. Using real LEGO pieces, but in transparent colours that may need to be newly created, this lamp uses less than 800 pieces for the main build and two copies of 88005 Light for four light sources to shine through the Art Deco-inspired design.

At the time of writing, Castor-Troy and Max Brich have two projects currently in review with the Steampunk Skyship and Witch House in the second 2022 round. LEGO furniture could be an interesting concept for the LEGO Group to further explore, though it wouldn't be the first as part of Ideas with 21332 The Globe arguably falling under the same category.

Every LEGO Ideas set in the first 2023 review so far 

Number  LEGO Ideas project  LEGO Ideas user  Date qualified 
1     Dr.

Seuss and LEGO 

LegoFan_506     January 2, 2023    
2     Sweet Honey  RobertVII     January 4, 2023    
3     The Botanical Garden  Goannas     January 9, 2023    
4     The Crown - A Piece of History  Piraten     January 12, 2023    
5     Stargate SG1: Embarkation Room  Starbrick_SG1     January 12, 2023    
6     Roscosmos Soyuz MS Spacecraft  Tom_Brick     January 15, 2023    
7    Motorized Howl's Moving Castle  ericlego321    January 16, 2023   
8    The Stargate  Captain Mutant    January 16, 2023   
9    Medieval Seaside Market  bricks_fan_uy    January 17, 2023   
10   Brick Boulevard  Bricky_Brick   January 19, 2023  
11   Retro Comic Store  LEGOverwatch   January 22, 2023  
12   Shrek's Swamp - 20th Anniversary  The Real Ashnflash   January 22, 2023  
13   Baby Green Sea Turtle - Kinetic  QuaintWolf082   January 23, 2023  
14  Humpback Whale  Les Briques de Loic  January 25, 2023  
15  Shrek's Swamp  danielbradleyy  January 26, 2023 
16  Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99th Precinct  Ben Fankhauser  January 27, 2023 
17 LED Lamp Castor-Troy and Max Brich January 28, 2023

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