PSA: There’s an error in LEGO 10312 Jazz Club’s instructions

If you're building LEGO Icons 10312 Jazz Club, don't panic when you reach the end of bag 12: you aren't missing any pieces... In spite of the rigorous checks and high standards the LEGO Group typically applies across all its products, errors do sometimes slip through the cracks. We usually see these on outer packaging, such as the boxes for 75309 Republic Gunship and 75324 Dark Trooper Attack, but they occasionally turn up in instructions and even on stickers and printed elements, too.

The latest mistake to make it to production can be found in the instructions for the newly-released 10312 Jazz Club, and it's a pretty major one - not because it impacts the build, but because it might have you second-guessing yourself and panicking that you're missing pieces. No need to worry, though: it's easily remedied without the need to put in a missing parts request.

When you reach the end of the pieces that poured out of bags numbered 12, you'll find that the instructions actually ask you to keep building for another couple of steps. Only you won't have any elements left in front of you at this point, which makes doing so pretty tricky.

The obvious reaction to this is to assume that your copy of 10312 Jazz Club is missing a bunch of pieces. What's actually happened, however, is that those steps should have been placed at the beginning of the next set of bags, because all the parts you need are in there. The solution is therefore to simply crack open the next bags and start building from steps 332 and 333, then continue as normal.

10312 Jazz Club

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Presumably the parts for those steps were at one stage originally intended to be included in the bags numbered 12, but the change in element distribution wasn't reflected in the version of the instructions that went out with 10312 Jazz Club on January 1.

The good news is that it doesn't impact the actual construction process for the latest LEGO modular building - it just might have you scratching your head at first...

PSA: There’s an error in LEGO 10312 Jazz Club’s instructions

We've reached out to the LEGO Group to determine whether this error will be fixed in future production runs of 10312 Jazz Club. Check out our full review of 10312 Jazz Club here. It's available at now for GBP199.99 / £229.99 / EUR229.99.

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