New LEGO Flower Sets Are Up for Preorder

LEGO has announced two new entries in its extremely popular line of LEGO Icons and Botanical Collection flower sets. There's a Wildflower Bouquet and a Dried Flower Centerpiece set. Both are available for preorder now (see them on Amazon).

They release February 1, giving you plenty of time to pick them up for Mother's Day, or just as colorful sets to display around the house.

New LEGO Icons Flower Sets

Out February 1 LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet (10313)

See on Amazon New LEGO Flower Sets Are Up for Preorder

Out February 1 LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece (10314)

See on Amazon

The Wildflower Bouquet is made up of 939 pieces that offer a color pallet we haven't seen in any of the other LEGO flower sets.

Some of the blooms feature cooler shades of purple and blue, while others offer warmer yellows and oranges. You can display the flowers on the 16 included stems in a vase (not included). It also pairs nicely with the previously released LEGO Flower Bouquet.

The Dried Flower Centerpiece set is a nice low-slung set you can put on a table or bookshelf. It's comprised of 812 pieces and features autumnal colors and flower bunches with lots of great textures made from a wide variety of LEGO pieces. Some leaves and blossoms are sharp, while others are thick and curved.

Some are spiny, and others spread out to fill in the area over its base.

Other LEGO Flower Sets

I'm always surprised by how popular LEGO flower sets are with IGN readers, but perhaps I shouldn't be. These sets are always incredibly detailed and offer a lot of flexibility in terms of design and display. Plus, since you don't need to water them, they make excellent, hands-off decorations for your house or office.

For many of the LEGO sets I've built, there's no obvious place to display them in my house. That isn't a problem for these flower sets. For more similar ideas, check out our roundup of our favorite LEGO sets for adults.

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