Marine biology expertise takes LEGO reef from good to great

After taking on feedback from actual marine biologists, a LEGO builder has revealed a new and improved model of a reef, complete with aquatic creatures. Three months ago, Reddit user u/hdorsettcase first shared their work-in-progress LEGO reef, seeking advice from marine biologists on how to make it closer to a real-life environment. Suggestions included specific elements to include, like stingrays, and more general improvements, like creating more vertical space.

"A huge amount of coral reef exists on walls (think the drop off in Finding Nemo)," explained one Reddit user. "Throw in an overhang with that and you get the option of adding in some sea fans and other creatures that thrive in low-light areas. "Remember that coral reefs are so biodiverse because the amount of different habitats available allow so many different niches - it's not all on one level. Heterogeneity is the key!"


hdorsettcase took the feedback on board and reported back in a second post that shows the differences between the two versions, shown above with the before on the left and after on the right.

More creatures and more vertical space make for a much more colourful build, as well as plenty of fun details, like the fact that the black octopus has snagged itself a crabby snack from its hideyhole.

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