LEGO’s Dreamworks history could affect Ideas Shrek project

A LEGO Ideas project based on Shrek rocketed to the first 2023 review in days, and the LEGO Group's history with DreamWorks may affect it.  With the recent, or upcoming depending on your region, release of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, the Shrek franchise has managed to remain relevant over the past two decades. An example of this relevancy could be the Shrek project that suddenly appeared in the LEGO Ideas first 2023 review yesterday.

The popularity of the project may be due to the stretch goals that incentivised supporters or the cultural relevancy of the franchise.

Either way, it now stands a chance at becoming an official LEGO Ideas set, but the results of this round will not arrive for some time.  Provided it does inspire an official set in the future, the LEGO Group has a history of partnership with DreamWorks Animation, the production company behind the franchise.  

Starting in 2018, another LEGO Ideas set based on Voltron and tying in with the animated series, Voltron Legendary Defender from DreamWorks Animation, was released. The partnership between the two companies then expanded with the release of the Trolls World Tour theme in 2020. 

More recently, a wave of LEGO Jurassic World sets based on the animated Camp Cretaceous series retired. That series was produced in part by DreamWorks Animation too. 

These sets show that the LEGO Group has had discussions with DreamWorks Animation and that could make negotiations for another LEGO Ideas set easier, especially with one already released.  However, that's not to say the LEGO Ideas project stands a better chance than any of the other submissions in the first 2023 review.

The decision is ultimately up to the LEGO Ideas review board. For now, here's a look at every project in the first 2023 review, as well as a link to see every LEGO Ideas set currently in production

Every LEGO Ideas project in the first 2023 review

Number   LEGO Ideas project   LEGO Ideas user   Date qualified  
1   Dr. Seuss and LEGO   LegoFan_506   January 2, 2023  
2   Sweet Honey   RobertVII   January 4, 2023  
3   The Botanical Garden   Goannas   January 9, 2023  
4   The Crown - A Piece of History   Piraten   January 12, 2023  
5   Stargate SG1: Embarkation Room   Starbrick_SG1   January 12, 2023  
6   Roscosmos Soyuz MS Spacecraft   Tom_Brick   January 15, 2023  
Motorized Howl's Moving Castle  ericlego321  January 16, 2023 
The Stargate  Captain Mutant  January 16, 2023 
Medieval Seaside Market  bricks_fan_uy  January 17, 2023 
10 Brick Boulevard Bricky_Brick January 19, 2023
11 Retro Comic Store LEGOverwatch January 22, 2023
12 Shrek's Swamp - 20th Anniversary The Real Ashnflash January 22, 2023

Featured image: DreamWorks

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