LEGO Ideas gets another chance at Stargate in 2023 review

Another Stargate has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas, giving the sci-fi franchise another chance at a set in the first 2023 review. In December 2021, a project based on Stargate by CaptainMutant entered the third 2021 LEGO Ideas review. As we’ve had no LEGO Ideas Stargate set since then, the project was unfortunately unapproved.

However, fans of the sci-fi franchise might still have reason to hope as a similar submission by the aptly-named Starbrick_SG1 has reached the first 2023 review. Provided it can impress the judges, a LEGO Stargate set could still be on the horizon. The project proposes the embarkation room with a variety of accessories and 11 minifigures from Jack O’Neill to Hathor.

In concept, the two models are very similar but for Stargate enthusiasts, it’s another sign of hope as we continue the first 2023 review.

The results for this phase won’t be released for a while though and there’s no guarantee which project will be picked from the round if any.

Every LEGO Ideas project in the first 2023 review

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