kubeier Electronic Music Boxing Pad – Boxing Training

kubeier Electronic Music Boxing Pad – Boxing Training Punching Equipment, Bluetooth LED Light Music Boxing Machine+USB Charging+Boxing Gloves, Indoor Boxing Training Equipment for Home

✔ Wall-mounted box wall target, hit the target according to the rhythm of music and light, where is the light, where is the beating, exercise hand-eye coordination, reaction ability.
✔ This is a very beautiful and practical home exercise machine to play fun boxing at home, relieve stress and burn calories.
✔ This product can improve children’s bad habits, improve children’s physique, improve adult obesity, and change boring fitness methods.
✔ I’m sure you’ll love it after buying it because it’s a fun and healthy way to exercise, both indoors and outdoors.

Name: Smart Boxing Wall Target
Weight: 4 kg
Size: 40 x 44.5 cm
Installation method: metal screw installation
Material: PU leather/polyurethane/composite film
Applicable people: professional training/children/amateur fitness.

★ Package List:
1 * Smart box wall target
1 * Boxing gloves

★ After-sales warranty:
If your product has problems for any reason, please contact us, we will provide you with satisfactory service! 100% customer satisfaction is our number one goal! Buy with confidence!

  • ★ 【Stress relief】When you feel depressed and need relief, boxing at home is a great option. It can increase the flexibility and coordination of the body, improve the reflexes, and experience the fun of fitness in the game.
  • ★ 【Music Boxing Training】Boxing mat supports smart Bluetooth phone connection. Backlit to show targets on the wall, play fun like a ground squirrel, punch with the passion of music! Its power supply has LED light pads that sync with the beat of your music, which is tough, fun and rewarding.
  • ★ 【Space-saving】Box wall target, strong and durable, small size, can be installed on the wall, light and portable, easy to install with screws, acceptable wall type, can adjust the installation height according to your needs.
  • ★ 【Ergonomic design】: The boxing bag reacts to the target training device, the mat is made of PU leather and foam, has an elegant surface, is easy to clean and practical. It protects your hands from injury.
  • ★ 【Wide application】It is very suitable for office workers and students with academic pressure who have work pressure. It is widely used in boxing, sanda, taekwondo training, and is also suitable for beginners and professionals. It is also an indispensable partner for weight loss and fitness.
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 10 cm; 4 Kilograms
Part: Smart Music Boxing Machine
Manufacture: kubeier
Reference: Smart Music Boxing Machine