Excitement as Lego resale store set to open in town

Shoppers are excited as a new LEGO resale shop looks set to open in Long Eaton on Marketplace. Building work has started on the new shop although it is unclear what the opening date will be. The new shop was announced on Instagram and also with signs attached to the outside of the building.

The company resells old LEGO parts and sets so if you are missing a spare piece from a treasured LEGO set then you may be in luck. Barndawg offers a 25 percent discount to anyone who wants to drop off old LEGO pieces that they have lying around or aren't using. They have an online website and an eBay store.

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A general view of 48 Market Place in Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

They describe themselves as a 'hub' where old LEGO goes to find a new home and be recycled. It was set up two years ago by Nadia and Barney, who post TikToks of themselves as well as all things LEGO to more than 11,100 followers. They started the business after they both lost their income during the pandemic

They describe their LEGO collection as something that has 'slowly taken over their time' but they are enjoying 'having a piece of their childhoods back in their lives.' Shoppers reacted with joy to the news that the shop will be opening in Long Eaton on Facebook. One person posted: Stop it!

When and where please? My kids are Home Ed and we will be in there all the time! Lol.' Another agreed: 'Sounds interesting' while one person commented, 'I won't be able to go to Long Eaton again.'

There were plenty of LEGO puns on offer too with one shopper commenting: 'Beware!

Opening day.

The queue will be going round the block.' Another added: 'I hope it's successful but I bet the owners are Bricking it.'

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