Build huge LEGO displays at Duxford Museum’s Brick Festival

It's pretty much undisputed that LEGO is one of the best toys in the world (for adults and kids), just as much as it's pretty undisputed that Duxford Air Museum is one of the best museums in Cambridgeshire - so why not mix the two? In an event none of us could have predicted, this is exactly what's happening. If your kids are obsessed with LEGOs, you're a collector or simply love building things, Duxford Museum's Brick Festival is not something you're going to want to miss out on.

From what we can gather, the festival is going to be a LEGO dream world with an anything you can build buffet. Brick Festival travels around the UK and is home to some exclusive builds that you won't see anywhere else! During the day, you can expect to see come of the most awesome brick built displays of all shapes and sizes to see for yourself.

As well as these displays, there will be loads of interactive activities to get into. Read more: Duxford Air Museum to host new immersive history festival There will be live speed building competitions to really put your skills to the limit against other LEGO fans, as well as a number of different activities.

Traders will be selling loose bricks, new LEGO sets, retired LEGO sets, minifigures and accessories at the festival that you will struggle to find elsewhere. Plus there will also be dedicated building areas throughout the day for those who really like to test their skills and be creative. This will be a great day for families, collectors, adult builders and every other kind of LEGO fan.

With lots to see and do, it will be a day jam-packed with events inside Cambridgeshire's biggest Museum. This event celebrates all things LEGO and will take place on Sunday March 19, 2023, with opening hours 10am - 5pm. Tickets range from GBP5-18 and only a few are left so you will have to get in their quick!

You can purchase tickets here.

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