LEGO City does Wipeout: first look at new January 2023 set

Early reviews of 60372 Police Training Academy have given us a closer look at LEGO City's boldest new 2023 set, in which the evergreen theme goes full Wipeout. Now headed up by LEGO Monkie Kid co-creator Simon Lucas, LEGO City is undergoing a significant shift in direction in 2023. We've still got the usual mix of emergency vehicles and buildings, Stuntz bikes and everyday living sets, but within those parameters things are changing: not least with 60372 Police Training Academy, which offers a totally different approach to the standard police headquarters.

Across 823 pieces, the GBP79.99 / £99.99 / EUR89.99 set delivers an enormous obstacle course reminiscent of the US game show Wipeout (and its British contemporary Total Wipeout), complete with a climbing wall, monkey bars, zip line and ATV. (You don't remember the bit in Total Wipeout where they drove ATVs around?) An early review of the 2023 set from YouTuber Bricks By Mind has now given us a closer look at all it entails ahead of its January release.

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The review shows how each of the set's six minifigures progresses through the training academy. A string wrapped around a Technic axle connects to handlebars to pull them up the climbing wall, for instance, while the monkey bars are comprised of a section of roller coaster track.

They'll eventually end up at the obstacle course, where they'll move along a platform controlled by a gear while trying to avoid an enormous warning sign and a bean bag.

If they can make it across the spinning and bouncing platforms that follow, they'll be able to claim the police cap that sits on the plinth, and officially qualify for the LEGO City Police Department. (If that's all it takes, it's no wonder the crime rate is seemingly so high in LEGO City.) The interior of the building features a computer, coffee machine, gym, storage for the ATV and - for some reason - a horse and stable. "I think this set's pretty solid all round," the YouTuber says. "Just like most LEGO City sets, it's much better for kids than it is for older collectors, but for older collectors there is some value here. I think the minifigures are super cool, [there are] some amazing torso prints here and really great face prints too, but in terms of the build I think this is a perfect set for kids.

I know I would have loved this when I was little."

Check out the full list of LEGO City sets launching in 2023 by clicking here. 60372 Police Training Academy will be available from January 1 for GBP79.99 / £99.99 / EUR89.99.

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