Grab yourself a Xbox Wireless Controller at a great price!

(Pocket-lint) – As part of the mega Black Friday savings on Amazon this week you can get a great discount on the standard or ‘Core’ Xbox Wireless Controller. Amazon has the official Xbox controller discounted on both sides of the Atlantic; in the US and in the UK.  This controller is the redesigned model which launched alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (which is also discounted).

If you’re in the US you can snag yourself a spare/extra controller for as little as £39 or in the UK they’re GBP34.99. A steal compared to the usual full prices. Grab them while you can. 

Xbox Wireless Controller – save 35%

The most recent standard Xbox Wireless Controller is as cheap as we’ve seen it.

Buy it in Carbon Black, Pulse Red or Robot White for £39.00. 

Grab yourself a Xbox Wireless Controller at a great price!

Xbox Wireless Controller – 36% off!

The Xbox Wireless controller isn’t usually super cheap, but now you can pick up a spare or two for multiplayer without paying over the odds. Now available for GBP34.99.  The most recent core Xbox Wireless Controller launched alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S, with several updates on its predecessor that came with the Xbox One models. 

First up, the Xbox changed the shaping and materials to make it more comfortable and more grippy to hold for long periods. Plus, the triggers feature a textured grip, and the D-pad was changed to work in a similar manner to the first-generation Elite controller. It’s clickier and more accurate. 

It features both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless support, so you can pair it with a lot of different devices. It works with your Xbox – of course – as well as your smartphone and PC.  It’s available in several colours too.

Depending on whether you’re in the US or UK, you’ll see different finishes included in the offer.

UK buyers get Robot White, Shock Blue, Carbon Black and Pulse Red.  In the US, you get all except the Shock Blue in the sale, but if you’re happy to pay an extra £5, you can get the fancier finishes like Electric Volt, Lunar Shift and Mineral Camo. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.