Google fixes terrible Nest Wifi Pro speeds for some people

(Pocket-lint) - Google says that it has fixed a problem that saw some Nest Wifi Pro users complain of terrible download speeds and confirmed another speed test bug. The download speed problem was one that was noticed almost immediately by anyone who was using the Google Nest Wifi Pro with a PPPoE system, particularly in some parts of Europe. Those people reported download speeds well below what they would have expected considering their fibre connection and the capabilities of the Nest Wifi Pro itself.

That problem should now be fixed, Google says. A new update also includes "general stability and performance improvements" which is about as vague as can be. But who doesn't enjoy a stability or performance improvement every once in a while?


Interestingly, Google also says that the speed test results might not have been right anyway, with those whose connections are faster than 500Mbps likely impacted.

The company says that while the Nest Wifi Pro's built-in speed testing might still report an iffy result, real-world throughput is unaffected. The fix? "Use an alternate speed test app from your phone or computer, Google says.

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On top of all that, Google says it's also fixed an issue related to Thread Border Router support as well as applied other unspecified connectivity fixes.

If you've been struggling with your own Nest Wifi Pro speeds and have super-fast fibre, now might be a very good time to make sure that you're running the very latest version of the system's software.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.