Get a year of Hulu for just $2 a month with this incredible Black Friday deal

Streaming services are getting more expensive, and it doesn’t help that it seems like all the good stuff is spreading out a lot more. If you’re feeling the cable-style pinch of increasing prices and ever-expanding subscriptions, you should check out this deal on Hulu. You can get access to the service’s entire library of ad-supported streaming TV and movies for just £1.99 a month!

That’s an absolutely massive discount from its usual £7.99 per month price. This deal is available if you’re a new subscriber, or if you’ve subscribed before and canceled more than a month ago. Unfortunately, you can’t apply this discounted to an upgraded plan, either removing ads or adding live television streaming.

But if you’re already subscribed to Hulu, you can add Disney+ on top for £2.99 a month. (Hulu is now majorly owned by Disney — hooray for corporate consolidation!) This works even if you use it after subscribing to Hulu through the £1.99 a month deal, giving you both libraries for about five bucks a month. Nice. This deal works as a standard subscription discount, so unfortunately you can’t just pay for a year upfront.

And if you should cancel or change your subscription status, the discount goes away.

So before signing up, you need to be pretty okay with ad breaks in your movies and TV shows.

Paying just £2 per month makes them a lot more tolerable!

Get Hulu for just £1.99 a month