Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

(Pocket-lint) - There's no better time to buy a new Ring smart doorbell than in the Black Friday sales. The day itself falls on 25 November in 2022, followed by Cyber Monday on 28 November, but this year we are seeing a long run up, particularly on Amazon, which has started its sales a week early. Similarly to Prime Day, there are always big discounts on Amazon's range of doorbell and camera products over Black Friday - so it's the perfect time to buy before the holiday season, when it's getting colder and darker earlier.

Some are bundle deals with other Ring or Amazon products included, others are single product deals. But all of them are bargains if you need to update your smart home security setup.

Where are the best Ring deals on Black Friday?

Despite Ring being attached to Amazon, you'll still find good deals from a range of wider retailers - with many, like Target or Currys, price-matching deals. As there are so many Ring products, it's often a great time to pick up last year's product at a cut of the price.

We've broken down this year's best deals so far, in the US and UK, into quick links below. We'll continue to update this as we find more deals that you need to know about: UK Black Friday Ring deals | US Black Friday Ring deals

US Ring retailers

UK Ring retailers

Best US Black Friday Ring Video Doorbell deals

Ring Video Doorbell - save £40

You can't beat a classic.

This battery-powered doorbell is easy to install, great for recording when you miss a visitor, and it's got £40 discounted in the sale, now £59.99.

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Video Doorbell 3 - save £60

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 adds onto the original with improved motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy, as well as dual-band Wi-Fi for a stronger connection. It only misses out on the pre-roll functionality from the very latest model too, so it's a bargain with 30% off - now £139.99 for Black Friday.

Best UK Black Friday Ring Video Doorbell deal

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery - save GBP30

There's 33% off this indoor security camera, making it an ideal purchase for keeping an eye on the inside of your home. As it's battery powered you can reposition it with ease whenever you like too.

It's just GBP59.99 in the sale.

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) - now GBP59.99

The classic, updated. This battery-powered video doorbell records in Full HD and, as it's wireless, is easy to install. It's got GBP30 off its usual RRP, with an asking price of just GBP59.99.

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Echo Show 5 & Ring Video Doorbell - save 59%

A great saving on this bundle, which includes the second-generation Echo Show 5 (released in 2021), along with the wireless Ring doorbell.

At GBP66.99, it's over half price, saving GBP97.99 on regular prices - but this bundle is even GBP28 cheaper than buying these devices separately at Black Friday prices. 

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Video Doorbell 3 - save GBP50

With improved motion detection and dual-band Wi-Fi, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 offers some great improvements of the original - and for Black Friday, it's GBP50 cheaper for GBP109.99!

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus - save GBP60

Looking for added illumination? The Floodlight Cam, which is hard-wired, has two bright lamps that are useful for lighting-up, say, your driveway or simply deterring unwanted visitors. It records in Full HD, just like any standard Ring camera.

There's 33% off, too, costing GBP119.99 asking price.

Best Ring smart doorbell deals for Black Friday 2022

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 - save GBP70

For when detail matters, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 offers 1536p HD Head-to-Toe Video and 3D motion detection, improving on the 1080p offered by other Ring doorbells. The head-to-toe video is also great for ensuring those checking that package deliveries have been made successfully. It's now GBP70 cheaper for Black Friday, costing GBP149.99.

Which Ring doorbell should I buy on Black Friday?

As always, the right Ring Doorbell for you comes down to your budget and the range of features you want your video doorbell to have. 

The most recent Ring release is the Video Doorbell 4, which offers enhanced Wi-Fi, Quick Replies for when you're busy and colour pre-roll video previews of all motion events. It's all-singing-all-dancing, and it's the model for people that want all of the advanced features it can offer, but it's rarely in the sales. The Doorbell 3 is a more likely Black Friday candidate, and is the company's most popular model.

It comes with improved motion detection compared with the base model, some additional security features and still has dual-band Wi-Fi for a more stable connection. However, the 2nd Gen Ring Video Doorbell is one of the models you'll want to consider if you're on a budget. It's only a couple of years old, and still offers full HD video, two-way talk and a rechargeable battery for wireless install.

The Ring Doorbell Wired offers similar feaures but does need to be hardwired, making it the cheapest model in the range. As you'll see below, it's often chosen for further discounts in Black Friday sales, making it even cheaper. Don't forget with any of these, you may want to invest in the Ring Chime if you want to hear audio notifications when someone presses your Ring doorbell, as well as getting smartphone notifications.

Writing by Verity Burns.