Redecorate Your Windows With Up to 40% Off Everything at Blinds

The right kind of windows can really make a house look incredibly beautiful. However, you don't want people to see what's inside your home or get a look into your family's personal time, and you might not have the space or decor for curtains. This is where a good set of blinds come in. 

With blinds, not only can you block out unwanted eyes and light, you can also make your home stand out and give it life.

Right now, at retailer Blinds you can shop its fall sale for up to 40% off[1] through Sept.

27 using the code FALLSTYLE. Prices for blinds start as low as £15 with these 1-inch mini blinds[2]. These blinds work for homes with shallow windows and come in a number of colors that work well for neutral spaces.

For those of you who need cordless blinds, these S-curve 2-inch faux wood vinyl blinds[3] for £17. These are what you want for a modern look while providing you the peace of mind that your kids and pets won't get tangled up in cords. The most you can expect to spend is £743 on these Levolor Riviera 1-inch arch mini blinds[4] made of crease-resistant aluminum and finished with DustGuard, making it easier to clean.

In between these prices are a lot of popular blinds with affordable prices for any budget. These light filtering cellular shades[5] for £43 give you insulation, privacy and light filtration. For properly darkened windows, check out these blackout cellular shades[6] that will help set the mood for TV watching, all for £56.

And when you want to block UV rays, these premium light filtering roller shades[7] for £23 will ensure glare is minimized.

Ready for a new set of blinds that make your room pop and keep savings in your pocket?

Check out the entire Blinds[8] sale for everything you need to upgrade your window style.


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