17 Best Gifts for Under $50

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Gift-giving comes from the heart, but it's important to consider your wallet, too. Between birthdays, celebrations, graduations and other big life events, there seems to always be an occasion to shop for something special. Buying gifts for a special person, family members, friends or any other loved ones can be challenging and overwhelmingly expensive.

But there are gift options out there worth the investment that cost less than you'd think. So ditch the tired gift cards and grab one of these great gifts under £50.

With autumn upon us and the holidays quickly approaching, finding just what everyone wants might seem impossible, but we've taken the guesswork out of what to look for -- and the earlier you begin thinking about holiday presents, the more time you have to cash in on great deals. From the perfect gift set to durable technology, this year you can buy a gift perfect for any occasion for under £50.

We've researched the best gifts for under £50 that will fill any wish list. (Along with a few splurge ideas.) The trick is knowing what's not only a good value but what can be useful too. Here are a handful of the best gifts under £50, so you can treat yourself or someone you love.