2XU P:1 Propel Wetsuit – SS21

Product description

2XU P:1 Propel Wetsuit The 2XU P:1 Propel Wetsuit is an all-round wetsuit that provides aspiring athletes with the power to perform against the competition. 39 Cell neoprene is exceptionally buoyant, with a maximum buoyancy and neoprene thickness of 5mm. SCS (Super Composite Skin) provides comfort and a full range of motion. The highly durable, buoyant and reliable P:1 Propel Wetsuit from 2XU is ideal for a triathlon or open water swimming. A 39 Cell front Buoyancy panel ensures you remain on top of the water to allow maximum mobility and explosiveness through your strokes. This suit has maximum buoyancy with a 5mm neoprene thickness for added durability and protection. Working alongside the 39 Cell technology is SCS coating, which is applied as a layer over the surface of the neoprene to create a very unique, practical material. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water when in contact with air and reduces the surface resistance when in contact with water. Low resistance allows for faster speed through the water. As a result, SCS provides comfort, extra freedom of movement, keeps the body warmer and decreases body fatigue whilst ensuring durability and abrasion resistance. A hydronomic silicone coating reduces resistance when putting on and taking off the wetsuit to help alleviate water resistance and improve practicality. Putting on and taking off a wetsuit during a triathlon is an important factor in determining your final time. This suit should shave off valuable seconds as you are not wasting time struggling with the suit. The floating zip panel ensures maximum efficiency when putting on the suit, and a loop helps you and provides extra dexterity. Internal stretch lining adds further comfort and protection as well as helping to improve flexibility, allowing full movement and more natural body positions so you do not become cramped or restricted within the suit. A rollbar increases core buoyancy and body position across the water. The

About this item

  • Scs coating (hydrodynamic silicone coating) – reduces resistance when taking the suit on and off and alleviates water resistance
  • 39 Cell front buoyancy panel – Maximum buoyancy, with a range of 1.5mm to 5mm neoprene thickness
  • Synthetic
  • Fastening: Zipper
  • 2XU Men’s P1 Propel – MW4991c Wetsuit
  • Long Sleeve
  • MW4991C
  • Floating zip panel – increased movement for better distance per stroke and added comfort
  • Roll bar – lifts the hips in the water for better body rotation, improved body position and increased core buoyancy in the water
  • 520% stretch lining – Enhanced lateral flexibility
Dimensions: 56.2 x 44.2 x 7.2 cm; 1.42 Kilograms
Model: MW4991C
Manufacture: 2XU
Department: Men's
Department: Men's