LEGO confirms Transformers Optimus Prime set coming in June

The LEGO Group has confirmed that the rumoured Optimus Prime set is real, teasing a June launch for the Transformers build. Initial word of a LEGO set based on Optimus Prime arrived all the way back in February, but those reports seemed difficult to believe at the time: after all, it would mean the LEGO Group partnering with Hasbro, one of its major rivals in the toy industry. It looks like they were spot on, however, as the LEGO Group has now confirmed via its social media accounts that the set does indeed exist.

There are no visuals of the final product at this stage, but the latest reports suggest that the model will be based on the G1 version of Optimus Prime, retail for EUR169.99 for 1,508 pieces, stand 35cm tall, and - yes - will be able to transform from robot to truck (and back) with no disassembly required, which is surely a baseline for any LEGO Transformers set.

Optimus Prime is said to be numbered 10302, indicating it will fall under the main LEGO for Adults theme - which also encompasses the Modular Buildings Collection, Botanical Collection and one-off sets like 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine - and should therefore carry an 18+ tag. The LEGO Group's tease confirms it will arrive in June 2022, so a full reveal is likely right around the corner. Featured image: Wallpaper Safari

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