LEGO fans petitioning to reverse huge 2022 price increases

A LEGO fan has launched a petition to persuade the LEGO Group to reverse the recent price increase on its Pick-a-Brick wall.

Following price adjustments to dozens of its sets in the UK and Europe, the LEGO Group has increased the price of both small and large Pick-a-Brick cups in its brand stores by as much as 25%. The cost of a small cup has risen from GBP6.99 to GBP7.99, while the price of a large cup has ballooned from GBP11.99 to GBP14.99. That's predictably led to ire from LEGO fans, but none more so than Chris, an otherwise anonymous builder who's launched a petition on to get the LEGO Group to reverse the price increase.

Chris has taken issue not only with the severity of the change, but how the company has handled it, highlighting that it's 'done it without notice to loyal customers and VIP members'. "[It's] a huge increase in price for people who are already struggling to pay for rising living costs," Chris said. "I understand that prices may need to increase but at a reasonable rate. My cup of LEGO only cost [the LEGO Group] pennies to make, not GBP14.99.

I know many people who will be shopping a lot less at LEGO Stores due to the price increase.

"As a regular purchaser of LEGO for the last 25 years I was highly disappointed that this was done WITHOUT prior notification. I received no email to say 'thanks for buying regularly for the last 20+ years, we want to let you know of [an] upcoming change in price'. There were no signs in shops before saying that's what [the LEGO Group was] planning to do."

Chris is petitioning the LEGO Group to adjust the price of Pick-a-Brick cups back to 2021 levels, before giving customers clear notice of a price increase. He's also recommending a 'reasonable increase' of 5%, and a larger discount for re-using cups to 'encourage people to re-use, reduce plastic and help reward regular customers'. At the time of writing, the petition has racked up 55 signatures in five days.

And Chris's frustration is echoed by several fans in the comments, including Kathleen Coles, who commented: "A 25% increase in price tells us [the LEGO Group] doesn't care about its customers!"

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